Product Intros

By Staff December 1, 2001

Mobile computer thrives in rugged environments

Hammerhead HH3 is a ruggedized mobile computer powered by a 400-MHz Pentium that combines simplicity of use, high performance, wireless networking, and durability into a compact, lightweight, easy-to-carry package. It offers 256-MB SDRAM, a 10 or 20-GB removable hard drive, and 10.4-in. HI-VIS enhanced color display with pen or touch input.

WalkAbout Computers, Inc.

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Manage inventory without wires

TankScan W Series wireless measuring system is comprised of wireless measurement monitors, indicators, communication controllers, and a full-featured, PC-based host software package. Among the features included in this bidirectional, battery-powered monitoring system are user adjustable measurement intervals, no calibration after initial setup, and host data exchange via modem or serial link.

Barton Instrument Systems, LLC

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Supply startup time is fast

The wipos Series of switchmode power supplies are designed for up to 90% efficiency and ultra-fast startup time (less than 1 sec). The DIN rail-mountable devices are available in horizontal and vertical configurations in single or three-phase versions from 2 to 4 A. Standard features include thermostated power limitation control and power factor correction.

Wieland Electric, Inc.

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Flowmeter supplies four-wire performance

Promag 23 electromagnetic flow meter offers four-wire performance with two-wire economy. The 4-20 mA, loop-powered magmeter generates cost savings through reduced installation costs, simplified hazardous area protection, and lower energy costs. Optimized sensors include those with new PFA molded liners that are suitable for temperatures up to 355 F.

Endress+Hauser, Inc.

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Calibrator has high accuracy

The 525A Temperature/Pressure Calibrator offers high accuracy in an economical benchtop package that includes an easy interface to automated calibration software. It can be used to calibrate process calibration instruments, as well as a wide variety of other pressure instruments, such as modules. The unit sources volts, amperes, and ohms for true multifunction adaptability.

Fluke Corp.

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Meter compensates for electrode offset, slope

PHH-860 pH/mV/Temperature meter is excellent for use in sanitation and wastewater treatment plants. These microprocessor-based, digital meters are able to recognize and compensate for electrode offset and slope. They feature RS232 communication and can hold, relative, and average functions. Features include slope control, 4-digit display which shows pH/F, mV/F, Max/Min, REC, low battery, and calibration up to 3 pH (4.01, 7.01, 10.01).

Omega Engineering, Inc.

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Level gauge provides high resolution

Level Plus M Series magnetic level gauge transmitter can be mounted to most magnetic (sight glass) gauges. It is approved for both explosion-proof and intrinsically safe usage with Cenelec/PTB approvals available. The unit has an optional LCD display to read level, mA, or percent of full scale. The transmitter offers two-wire, 4-20 mA analog output, and multidrop HART communications.

MTS Systems Corp.

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Belt provides drainage

Series 1800 Mesh Top Belt has 32% open area. It combines generous drainage and liquid flow-through while safeguarding against product loss and damage during production. Perforations are slotted and tapered, providing optimum water flow for drainage and product dewatering.

Intralox, Inc.

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Paint protects against harsh environments

The 4800 Series of high-performance polyurethane gloss enamels is formulated to refinish and protect equipment. The enamels provide excellent durability and attractive color and gloss to equipment that must withstand chemical solvents, smoke, high temperature, physical abrasion, and repeated steam cleaning. The paint can be applied with brush, roller, air, airless, or HVLP equipment.

Magnet Paints

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Trap drains superheated mains

FS5H QuickTrap is a high-pressure, free-float steam trap designed for drainage of superheated or high-pressure steam mains, equipment, and turbines up to 650 psig. The two-point universal connector trap has three-point seating to ensure a steam-tight seal under no-load conditions.

TLV Corp.

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Hand pump calibrates instruments

TP1 pneumatic, hand-held, portable pumps supply pressure with standard, fine-tuning adjustments and pressure relief valves. These pumps are ideal for use with electronic calibrators, analog gauges, and similar instrumentation. The pump generates 360 psi or vacuum to 25 in. Hg. The unit is designed to endure harsh environments.

TTI, Inc.

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Switches for complex applications

Series 31 instrument and control switches are designed to meet the demands of complex switching applications. With a continuous rating of 15 A at 600 V, they feature a detent action that provides for up to 10 decks (20 poles) and up to 8 positions. Models feature double-wiping, silver-plated contacts.

Electroswitch Corp.

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Monitor protects motors

MotorSaver Models 355 and 455 three-phase voltage monitors provide protection from incoming power problems by sensing the power supply to the motor and disconnecting before damage occurs. The monitors sense rapid cycling, single phasing, low voltage, phase reversal, voltage unbalance, high voltage, and phase/frequency shift.

SymCom, Inc.

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Inverter increases weld performance

Invertec V160S is designed for stick welding with some TIG applications. The unit offers the capabilities of Touch Start TIG or stick in DC. With an easy starting stick feature, users just have to touch the electrode to the workpiece and lift up to start an arc.

The Lincoln Electric Co.

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Containers transport lubricants

Oil Safe containers provide a safe, easy method of transporting, handling, and dispensing lubricating fluids in a wide variety of applications. These products are durable and made from high-density polyethylene to perform in hostile environments.

Trico Mfg. Corp.

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Turbine supplements utility power, generates savings

PowerWorks microturbine offers an opportunity to reduce the consumption of expensive utility-grid power by providing a reliable, onsite source of lower cost electricity. Fueled by natural gas or alternate fuels, the efficient microturbine generates savings by operating economically and continuously at lower cost than utility rates.

IR Energy Systems

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Shaft seals manage vibration

Safematic SB1A and SB2A single and double, heavy-duty cartridge seals can handle punishing vibration, shaft motion, shock, and cavitation without face distortion or cracking, O-ring hang-up, leakage, or failure. A patented technique for fastening the seal faces without drive pins ensures correct face alignment, even at elevated temperatures.

John Crane

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