Product Intros

By Staff October 1, 2001

Flowmeter uses HART technology

FlexMASSter ST98 flowmeter series combines superior performance with digital communications flexibility, due to HART Bus compatible electronics. The advanced thermal mass sensing element provides an accuracy of

Fluid Components Intl.

Circle 371

Switch has easy-to-read pressure

N-series pressure switch, with a big, bright LED display, eliminates the struggle to read operating pressures accurately. A timesaving, one-button operation allows the user to toggle between process pressure, set point, and reset point without complicated procedures. The switch can be combined with an isolator as opposed to a multiple-fitting approach with difficult media.

Dresser Instrument

Circle 372

Rescue system for cranes

Miller SafEscape Controlled Descent/

Self-Rescue System is designed for smooth, automatic, vertical and angular controlled descent from overhead cranes, towers, aerial lifts, and other elevated work areas. The system features easy installation and operation, complete portability, and durable two-person capacity up to 660 lb.

Dalloz Fall Protection

Circle 373

Air dryer uses air power

Balston SMD Membrane Air Dryer provides pure, dry, compressed air as an economical alternative to refrigerant dryers. It dries compressed air to dewpoints as low as 35 F at flow rates up to 600 scfm. The unit has no moving parts and operates reliably and efficiently without operator attention. Dry air is achieved by returning a small portion of the dry air to sweep out moisture, which passes through the membranes.

Parker Hannifin Corp.

Filtration and Separation Div.

Circle 374

Anemometer measures humidity

Kestrel 3000 Pocket Wind and Humidity meter is a rugged, high-accuracy anemometer ideal for HVAC and OSHA-related measurements of air velocity and relative humidity. It offers three operating modes: air velocity,

average air velocity, and maximum air velocity.

E. Clark & Associates

Circle 375

Combustion analyzer talks to control system

ControlLinks combustion analyzer is the first combustion service tool that communicates directly with a fuel-air control system. When it is used with the ControlLinks Fuel Air Control system, service technicians can, from one location, analyze combustion stack emissions and burner performance, electronically adjust fuel-air ratios, and get instantaneous feedback.

Honeywell Intl.

Circle 376

Thermometer uses solar power

SPT10 Series solar-powered thermometers offer excellent accuracy and are designed to swivel and pivot to meet custom installation requirements. The self-powered units, designed with a 10-sec LCD display that is 3/8 in. high, can handle humidity up to 95%, non-condensing. The temperature range is -40-300 F.

Omega Engineering, Inc.

Circle 377

Portable AC protects electronics

Office Pro 60 portable air conditioner is designed for cooling office environments and protecting computer and telecom equipment from losing data due to heat. It provides 60,000 Btu/hr cooling, 2000 cfm of airflow at the evaporator, and runs on single phase 208/230-V power. Units feature a programmable, digital controller to operate them automatically after hours.


Circle 378

Kit reduces compressed air energy consumption

Blower Purge Upgrade kits can be a very economical solution to conserving compressed air and energy. Kits convert heatless desiccant air dryers to externally heated regeneration dryers at a fraction of the cost of a new unit. Heated dryers consume less compressed air for regeneration than heatless dryers. Upgrade kits fit any brand of dryer.

Flair Corp.

Circle 379

Blower has long life

Omega G Series gas-tight rotary blowers feature double piston rings and hardened steel gas and oil seals for reliable sealing and long life. The input shaft features double lip-type seals with an oil barrier to prevent air ingress and fugitive emissions. The mounted and piped reservoir provides visual indication of seal failure.

Kaeser Compressors

Circle 380

Mini sniffer detects gas leaks

Mini Gas Sniffer is a handheld, hydrocarbon gas leak detector that is highly sensitive, rugged, and accurate. Its LED scale and beeper pinpoint small leaks with an 8-in. long, flexible probe. The device uses solid-state sensors with low power combustion to detect methane, butane, propane, and LPG gases.

TTI, Inc.

Circle 381

Lifters have rotating tops

Handle-It ergonomic hydraulic lifters with rotating tops and manual stackers reduce operator fatigue and physical stress. Manual stackers have a lift range of 1-78 in. and a capacity of 500-1000 lb. Rotating scissors lifts have a range of 10-93 in. with a capacity up to 4000 lb. There are 12 models of stackers, 28 models of single scissors lifts, and 22 models of double scissors lifts.

MII Equipment, Inc.

Circle 382

Meters for the way you work

330 Series clamp meters were created for the way electricians actually work. Features include a compact body and jaws that can accommodate large conductors, one-hand operated controls, a large, backlit display, and auto shut-off. They are the first clamp meters manufactured with an integrated circuit/software system designed specifically for clamp meters.

Fluke Corp.

Circle 383

Safety harness is comfortable

Miller DuraFlex Python Harness Series features wrap-around comfort and great flexibility. Constructed of lightweight, durable, cushioned, tubular webbing in the upper torso, the harness improves comfort and increases safety by reducing shoulder stress and minimizing neck irritation. The lower torso features stretchable webbing for increased flexibility and movement.

Dalloz Fall Protection

Circle 384

Sweeper/scrubber adjusts brooms automatically

Smart 200 battery-operated, compact sweeper/scrubber has brooms that automatically adjust to uneven floors, floating wear flaps that pass over objects up to 2-in. high, a vacuum fan that turns off when the shaker motor is activated, and a squeegee that automatically lifts when in reverse. The unit has a 40 or 46-in. scrub path.

Alto U.S., Inc.

Circle 385