Process technology to drive Iraq’s most advanced refinery

Honeywell Process Solutions and Honeywell UOP will help Karbala refinery meet Iraq's growing energy demand and startup is expected in 2020.

By Honeywell November 9, 2015

Honeywell announced that it will provide process technology and advanced automation controls to Iraq’s Karbala refinery, now under construction in Karbala Province, about 120 km south of Baghdad. The grassroots refinery will use refining processes from Honeywell UOP and automation controls from Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) to allow Iraq’s State Company of Oil Projects’ (SCOP) Karbala refinery to maximize production of fuel and other products that will help offset the more than 350,000 barrels per day of refined products the country currently imports. These technologies will also help meet growing domestic demand with products meeting international standards equivalent to Euro V fuel standards. Startup of the 140,000 barrel-per-day refinery is expected in 2020.

Technologies for the Karbala refinery include processes that upgrade light naphtha feedstock to produce isomerate, which is a cleaner gasoline blend-stock that does not contain benzene, aromatics, or olefins. They will also convert heavy feedstocks recovered from other refinery operations into high-octane gasoline and convert low-quality naphtha to high-octane blending components for gasoline.

The refinery will also have technologies that improve that quality of distillate boiling-range feedstocks to help meet tougher product specifications and stringent waste gas specifications. Integrating process safety data, fire and gas safety systems, and training simulators will enable industrial sites to deploy and manage a structured program for safety applications and operator competency.

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