Power Transmission

By Staff July 1, 2005

Capture contaminants magnetically

Magnom, a patented and unique magnetic filter, efficiently removes ferrous and some non-ferrous contaminants as small as 1ng even after the device is full of contaminant.

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Digital pressure valve

Digital Interface valves, with microprocessor-based and a CANopen fieldbus, are ideal for pressure control and pressure limiting applications. This valve replaces analog technology and offers configurable functions that enable users to define dynamic valve behavior and adapt its characteristics to application requirements, while providing high precision digital flow and pressure control. The valve has integrated electronics and optional analog/digital inputs and outputs.

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Shaft seal handles misalignment

Articulated Air Mizer-PS has the ability to handle extreme shaft misalignment and deflection, common in dry powder and bulk process applications, to provide a seal that traditional devices cannot attain. A major innovation includes a unique design feature that uses a wall of air to function as a barrier to contamination and works to retain product in the equipment. The seal accepts radial and shaft runout up to

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Linear motion components

Specialized linear components consist of guideways for special machines, modified standard guideways, and replacement guideways for obsolete machines. Examples include but are not limited to: V-guides, double V-guides, guide racks, prismatic guides, sliding guides, profile guides and gear racks. Options include air outlets in specialized rails, cage assist solutions for vertical and high accelerations and overload protection for recirculating guides.

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