Power Transmission – 2005-02-10

By Staff February 10, 2005

Bearings ignore environment

GRAPHALLOY self-lubricating bearings and bushings provide long life and maintenance-free operation running in high-temperature fluids, applications where wash down or steam cleaning is required, or where transient run-dry conditions exist. It does not swell when submerged or deform under load and retains tolerances regardless of temperature changes.

Graphite Metallizing Corp. graphalloy.com Write 310 on PE card

Intelligent pressure switches

33E and 33L pressure switches offer a maximum advantage in a variety of applications. The 33E offers a vacuum and pressure rating from -0.5 to 8700 psi and has a three-color LED display that is visible up to 19 ft. The 33L features a self-diagnosis function to detect system errors.

IMI Norgren, Inc. norgren.com Write 311 on PE card

Rugged tubing

Superthane pneumatic tubing withstands moisture, humidity, and fungi. Its natural flexibility allows for tight bending in and around equipment. The tubing does not contain plasticizers – ingredients used to impart flexibility – that can leach out and cause flow contamination. It resists radiation exposure, kinking, tearing, abrasion, and impact.

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Smooth bearings

Explorer deep-groove ball bearings benefit from advanced design, material, and manufacturing to achieve smooth and quiet operation, high running accuracy, increased speed capability, lower friction and operating temperatures, and longer service life. Optimized raceways and cage geometry promote improved precision and running accuracy.

SKF USA Inc. skf.usa.com Write 313 on PE card

Manifold catalog

A catalog details each of the company’s product lines with 12 individual sections dedicated to: bar manifolds, subplates, coverplates, sandwich plates, valve adaptors, pump manifolds, logic manifolds, compact bodies, compact sandwich, header and junction blocks, pre-engineered circuit solutions and technical information. For a copy go to the web site.

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