Power Transmission – 2004-10-10

By Staff October 10, 2004

Safe hydraulics

Qualified organizations can request a free Safe Hydraulics Seminar given by a trained instructor. The two-hour seminar covers inspection procedures, troubleshooting, hose performance characteristics, hose and coupling selection, hose assembly and installation, hose cleanliness, and crimper preventive maintenance. The instructor will also help develop safety procedures.

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Pneumatics explained

An online educational program, Fundamentals of Pneumatics, is designed to introduce the basics of pneumatics technology to industrial personnel. The program is available at www.nfpa.com . Click on “Education.” The program introduces basic concepts, terminology, applications, and automation processes used in industry. All material is vendor neutral.

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Pump bearings

MRC Series 5200C and 5300C double-row, angular contact ball bearings are ideal for use as primary thrust bearings in ANSI standard centrifugal pumps or in any other application where positioning of the shaft is important and the ability to support substantial radial and axial loads is necessary. Materials and design provide a long service life.

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Pressure reducers

Piston-type pressure regulators have low internal volume to allow rapid purging and limits the amount of surface area exposed to contamination. The design mechanically restricts the piston when the regulator is exposed to excess pressure. Ten models are available which feature working pressures up to 10,000 psig and self-venting.

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Brakes easy to install

MagnaShear electric motor brakes use oil-shear dependability to overcome short wear life and high maintenance costs of dry-friction brakes. The Quick-Mount brakes come filled with oil, ready to mount, with no disassembly required. For even greater simplicity and convenience, they can be ordered pre-assembled with an electric motor.

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Fan bearings

CARB toroidal roller bearings perform ideally as nonlocating bearings in self-aligning bearing systems for fans. These compact radial bearings enhance fan reliability and life by offering solutions to problems associated with traditional floating bearing arrangements. The bearings do not require housing design compromises necessary with conventional nonlocating, self-aligning bearings.

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Shaft mount reducers

A 64-p catalog, TTP-04, provides comprehensive selection information, including AGMA service selection charts, overhung and thrust capacities, and full dimensional data. Application-specific accessories for screw conveyor drives, hydraulic drives, and face mount requirements are included.

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Mini pneumatic catalog

A 400-p, full line catalog includes features, specifications, color photographs, and technical drawings for a line of over 5000 standard pneumatic products. Products are divided into main product categories: cylinders, control valves, electronic valves, modular valves and sub plates, fittings, and hoses.

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