Power Transmission – 2004-08-09

By Staff August 9, 2004

Belt maintenance

A free Belt Drive Preventive Maintenance and Safety Program provides information to help avoid costly belt failures and increase production uptime. A belt maintenance and safety expert can be sent to your site to help maximize the efficiency and longevity of belt drive systems. Register at the site to request this preventive maintenance and safety seminar.

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Custom plastic bearings

A plastic bearing solution to suit any application can be delivered quickly with no lead time. Sixteen high-performance, engineered polymers (such as Q for high loads, H for wet environments, and L280 for extended service life) boast unique properties. All bearings come in traditional sleeve, flange, and thrust washer design but can be molded to meet an unusual application.

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Safe couplings

Tamper resistant (locking) Swing-Couplings cannot be removed without the use of a special tool. This makes them the perfect coupling in plants that need to restrict workers’ ability to change out pneumatic tools. The coupling possesses inherent safety features that allow for safe connection and disconnection without pressure kickback or hose whip.

EFC Intl. , efc-intl.com , Write 302 on PE card, Tough gauge

The Ashcroft digital gauge comes in three case styles: welded stainless steel, fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic, and cast aluminum. Safety features include pressure ranges on the keypad and a bar graph to reduce the possibility of accidental overpressure. Proof pressure equals two times the gauge range and meets ASME B40.7.

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Disposable filter

PT Series Disposable Filter Cartridges provide high-efficiency microglass filtration for applications in industrial and metalworking industries. The filter is available in two diameters and three lengths for flow ranges from 5 to 50 gpm. The PT2 and PT4 filter cartridges utilize Microglass III media in 2, 5, 10, and 20 microns. There is an integral 25-psi bypass valve.

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Shaft flaw detection

ShafTest ultrasonic flaw detection system uses unique volumetric grid scanning to test large, complex shafts. The portable system allows fast in-situ scanning from the shaft end, maximizes data capture and detail, while 3D graphic displays and software tools speed and simplify crack analysis.

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Reducer eliminates alignment

QC 700 Series worm gear speed reducers are designed for applications that experience aggressive washdown, heavy shock loading, or frequent motor changes. The reducer utilizes a “quick connect” coupling system that enables the motor to connect and disconnect from the reducer without the need for a large coupling alignment hole.

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Specialty bearings

A specialty bearing product line includes Type SX adapter deep groove ball bearings with tapered bores and sleeves for mounting on inch-size shafting, Type CONV conveyor roll ball bearings for inboard and outboard idler roller applications, and Industrial Truck Mast guide bearings with heavy-section outer rings.

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Rod lock

Static Rod Lock is a spring-engaged, air-released rod lock designed to clamp and hold cylinder rods and shafts up to 13/ 8 -in. diameter. Features include: extremely low backlash (0.000 to 0.003 in.), high clamping force, IP67 rated for washdown, small air chamber, 60 psi air released, and rated for more than 3,000,000 cycles.

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Accumulators store power

Accumulators are designed to store fluid power for intermittent duty cycles, economizing pump drive power. They can also provide emergency or standby power, compensate for leakage loss, and dampen periodic pulsations and shocks. Accumulators are available in diaphragm and bladder designs.

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Disk seal protects bearings

NILOS-Ring steel disk seals offer protection for grease-lubricated roller bearings in applications where washdown or regular exposure to liquids is required. Their design uniquely incorporates a Viton gasket, which enhances sealing performance, especially when liquids are in permanent contact with bearing housings.

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Shaft locking

A catalogue details proper sizing, selection, applications, and installation of shaft locking devices. Nine models include one external and eight internal designs for applications from low-torque situations with small radial dimensions to medium and high-torque applications.

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