Power Transmission – 2004-03-10

By Staff March 10, 2004

Software chooses bearings

Tapered Roller Bearing Selection Guide, Version 2.0 is a compact disk that allows users to analyze bearing selections for existing applications, calculate bearing life based on a variety of criteria, and save data in electronic, print, and report form. Users can conduct bearing searches and sort bearing lists based on bore, OD, load rating, and effective load center location.

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Rugged regulator

67CFSR stainless steel, instrument airset, pressure regulator has an accurate setpoint capability of 0_150 psig and can supply high-tech instruments and high-pressure actuators. The unit provides constantly controlled, reduced pressures to pneumatic and electro pneumatic controllers and other instruments.

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Hard-to-find bearings

Made to Order (MTO) is a free, 6-p brochure that profiles ball bearing capabilities and tech support. The MTO program provides a source for discontinued, hard-to-find, and special ball bearings; access to manufacturing and rework capabilities; lubricants, materials, and bearing components; and quick service turnaround.

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Bearing seals

Free, 6-p brochure contains information on bearing isolators, including product data, capabilities, and specifications. It is valuable data for anyone involved in maintenance, repair, and operation of motors, machine tool spindles, turbines, fans, gearboxes, pumps, and other types of rotating equipment. The isolators exclude moisture, dirt, and abrasives from bearings.

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Profile rail guides

Profile Rail Linear Guides catalog provides 72 pp of technical specifications, performance data, and accessory details. The user-friendly catalog offers easy-to-read reference material for profile rail selection, design parameters, and application considerations. The catalog is available for download at linearguides.com .

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