Power Transmission – 2003-11-01

By Staff November 1, 2003

Tank breather controls contamination

X-Series contamination control breathers are designed to remove water vapor and solid particles from outside air in extreme-humidity environments. With two check valves in the cap, the breather only allows air to enter a tank when the pressure is greater than 0.3 psi. Air is only released when the pressure buildup is greater than 2.1 psi, thus creating a closed system in an extreme environment.

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Database aids in finding bearings

The Bearing Expert, version 2.0 assists users in reducing scheduled maintenance and repairs while eliminating costly downtime. This database has new features including bearing diagrams, prefix and suffix reports to break down part numbers into meaningful descriptions, extended harmonics reporting, and additions for both vibration and interchange data.

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Gear drives are leak-free

UNIBLOC worm gear motors and speed reducers offer a one-piece housing that ensures leak-free and maintenance-free operation. The worm gear drives operate at up to 92% efficiency and offer torque capacity up to 2690 lb-in. Power ranges from 0.1 to 6.3 hp with output speeds from 0.2 to 350 rpm. Lubed-for-life sealed construction eliminates relubrication.

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Hydraulics run only to meet demand

UNIGY System has a computerized controller with integral drive that runs the hydraulic pump only to meet system demands. There is no excess flow requiring bypass valves and circuits or oil coolers. The operating mode reduces pump wear and increases intervals between maintenance. Other benefits include: reduced energy costs, simplified circuits,, and cooling water savings.

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Get correct belt tension

Tension-Finder is a tool used to set the tension on single and multiple V-belts and cog belts. One end of the tool is placed over a scribe mark on the belt. The other end has a spring clip that attaches to the belt. Using a chart on the tool, the belt is tightened until the scribe mark lines up with the correct numbered slot. The tool eliminates any calculations or belt surface preparation.

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Plastic chain fights bacteria

MWS Series plastic chain fights pathogens such as staph, e coli, and lactobacillus, which can shut down a bottling or pharmaceutical line. The chain is infused with unique compounds that fight the formation of a variety of bacteria and mold. Even if the surface wears, the antibacterial properties continue. The chain lasts longer than standard plastic chain, lowering replacement costs.

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Drive belts go metric

Metric Power V-belts provide a source for nearly 400 part numbers in standard sizes for imported machinery. Two cross sections are available: classic, in sizes 10X, 13X, and 17X; and narrow, in eight sizes from XPZ to XPC. Standard lengths range from 530 to 3000 mm. Molded notches reduce thermal and bending stresses. Straight sidewalls provide uniform wedging action.

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Drive system mounts quickly

Drive One standard bushing-mounted drive systems are pre-engineered, shaft-mounted, right angle drives. They are supplied completely assembled on a modular swing base and are mounted to the driven equipment shaft with a single, tapered bushing assembly and torque arm. Savings include reduced field assembly and alignment time.

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Speed reducers shrink

TIGEAR-2 worm gear speed reducers provide the user with a smaller package that is maintenance free. The units, on average, deliver 30% more output torque and greater efficiency than their predecessors. Reducers are filled with a synthetic lubricant and sealed. There are no breathers to allow contaminants to enter or lubricant to escape.

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