Power Transmission – 2003-01-15

By Staff January 15, 2003

Bearing problems web site

A web site, tec.nsk.com , is available for maintenance professionals who need definitive answers to bearing questions. It has six sections, including a troubleshooting segment that provides photos of bearing failures and the steps to take to avoid them and a handbook section with extensive information on bearing handling, lubrication, and more. NSK Americas Am.nsk.com Write 303 on PE card

Hydraulics courses

A series of training courses is designed for those who maintain hydraulic systems. The courses are held throughout the year in the U.S. and Canada. Among the courses are: “Basic Industrial Hydraulics,” “Maintenance, Repair, and Setup of Industrial Hydraulics,” “Fundamentals and Servicing of Proportional Valves,” and “Fundamentals and Servicing of Servo Valves.” Other course on system design and components are also available. Call 610-694-8407 to register. Rexroth Bosch Group Boschrexroth-us.com Write 304 on PE card

Ventless gear reducer

Dodge TIGEAR-2 has a totally enclosed, ventless sealing system and comes standard with a factory-filled synthetic lubricant meeting H1 food-grade requirements. The lubricant accommodates a wide range of operating temperatures and runs cooler than other synthetics, eliminating the need for oil changes. Gear geometry delivers 30% increase in output torque. Rockwell Automation dodge-pt.com Write 305 on PE card