Power Transmission – 2002-10-15

By Staff October 15, 2002

Drive belts

Six free brochures provide information on Walther Flender’s polyurethane synchronous belt drives, PowerGrip HTD, GTMR/GT2, and Poly Chain; synchronous belt drives, synchronous polyurethane belts and drives for linear motion, and PowerGrip standard synchronous belt drives. Each brochure contains product specifications, use and maintenance instructions, and engineering notes. Call 203-544-8301. Norco, Inc. norcoinc.com Write 300 on PE card


A 6-p color catalog explains key features and provides full dimensional, performance rating, and service factor data for the next generation Jaw In-Shear (JIS) 6-Pin, rotating shaft, elastomeric couplings. The catalog includes six larger coupling sizes that extend maximum bore size to 9-in. with maximum torque of 366,666 in.-lb. It also details a JIS spacer-type series as a replacement for grid spacer couplings. Lovejoy, Inc. lovejoy-inc.com Write 301 on PE card

Strong chains

A complete line of IWIS high-performance, precision chains are ideally suited for conveyor and equipment-related applications. MEGAlife maintenance-free chains (roller and conveyor) eliminate the need for subsequent lubrication, which provides a solution where access for maintenance is limited. CR high-performance chains of hardened, high-alloy steel promotes long-lasting corrosion resistance. SKF MotionTechnologies linearmotion.skf.com Write 302 on PE card

Shaft end protectors

Fafnir Safety End Covers are innovative bearing end caps that protect exposed, rotating shafts, reducing a potential hazard in the workplace. The safety end cover snaps into an adhesive-backed ring that adheres to the outboard face of most flanged bearing housings for a secure, 360-deg fit. Both pieces are molded in a bright yellow polymer for visibility. The Torrington Co. torrington.com Write 303 on PE card

High-torque gearboxes

UNICASE Helical In-Line gearboxes offer a significant torque increase, in some cases up to 47%. There are no dimensional or gear ratio changes. The units operate at up to 98.5% efficiency and offer torque up to 19,744 in.-lb. Power ranges from 0.16 to 30 hp; output speeds from 1 to 986 rpm; and gear ratios from 1.24:1 to 14,340:1. Nord Gear Corp. nord.com Write 304 on PE card

Remachineable couplings

A line of remachineable collars and couplings lets users create custom bore sizes and shapes in their own shops. Units are supplied assembled with screws and include a shim and pilot hole. Collars come in sizes that allow holes from 1/4 in. to 2 in. Couplings let users mate incompatible shafts by boring and threading as required, with bore sizes ranging from 1/4 in. to 2 in. Stafford Manufacturing Corp. staffordmfg.com Write 305 on PE card

Ball screw seal

Combination Wiper effectively keeps contaminants from entering the ball nut while simultaneously lubricating the ball screw. The plastic and felt wipers exactly conform to the thread profile, providing dual wiping action. The felt doubles as a lubricant reservoir, maintaining a constant film of oil on the screw thread as the ball nut moves. Steinmeyer, Inc. steinmeyer.com Write 306 on PE card

High-load bearings

Fiberglide self-lubricating bearings provide exceptional benefits to applications that require high-load capability and long life. The bearings can handle loads up to 40,000 psi statically and 20,000 psi dynamically. Operating temperature range is -200 to +300 F. They are built with a woven PTF and polyester fiber fabric liner bonded to a steel backing. RBC Bearings rbcbearings.com Write 307 on PE card


Dynamic Movement is a free white paper that discusses the many causes of machine position changes. The information presented is useful in solving a major problem: cold alignment does not necessarily result in hot or running alignment. Various methods for determining dynamic movement are covered along with sample calculations and case studies. The paper is on the web site. VibrAlign vibralign.com Write 308 on PE card

Upgrade drives

Replace existing, through-hardened gears with high-hardness or carburized- and-ground pinions and gears for load capacity increases of more than 200%. Bearings, shafting, seals, lubrication, and cooling systems can also be upgraded. Upgraded drives supplied with new gears, bearings, seals, and seal surfaces along with fully inspected existing structural components are backed by a 3-yr warranty. Falk Renew falkcorp.com/renew Write 309 on PE card

Smart diagnostics

@ptitudeAlert is a knowledge-based system that analyzes extensive data from condition-based maintenance systems. Using advanced diagnostic techniques, it extracts symptoms from measurements to indicate a machine’s health. It sends the appropriate information about a machine and its symptoms to @ptitudeView for additional fault resolution with symptoms from other data sources. SKF Reliability Systems skf.com Write 310 on PE card