Power efficiency Webcast now in archive

By Plant Engineering Staff February 24, 2006

PLANT ENGINEERING’s latest Webcast, “Improving electrical efficiency through power factor correction,” drew a huge crowd when it debuted Thursday afternoon. If you missed it, there’s still time to view the archive by going to www.plantengineering.com.

The electrical power in a plant is made up of two components: real power
and reactive power. While real power performs useful work within your facility, reactive power does not. In fact, reactive power actually constitutes an energy loss and can consume capacity in transformers, generators, wiring, and transmission lines.
Presenters include:

Rudy T. Wodrich, P.E., MBA %%MDASSML%%Schneider Electric

Tom Blooming, P.E. %%MDASSML%% Eaton Electrical

Kevin Dennis %%MDASSML%% ABB

Jeremy Bryant %%MDASSML%%Siemens Energy & Automation

Register now for this Webcast by clicking on this link or going to www.plantengineering.com .