Plant Engineering Software – 2001-02-01

HMI/SCADA employs ActiveX Lookout 4.

By Staff February 1, 2001


Lookout 4.5 is object-oriented human-machine interface (HMI)/ supervisory control, data acquisition, and automatic control (SCADA) software that provides ActiveX control for industrial applications. It features an enhanced database that merges data from multiple databases and stores large amounts of information with minimal disk space. Users connect to multiple servers and clients at remote locations, as well as publish reports to any location across the internet.

National Instruments


&HEADLINE>Upgrade expands CAD features&/HEADLINE>

The Magics 6.0 upgrade expands the CAD features of Magics software. Applications include CAM, reverse engineering, visualization, and simulation. Intended to bridge the gap between applications and equipment that work with STL files, the product offers a user-definable coordinate system, ability to put text on an STL file using Microsoft fonts, and more.



&HEADLINE>DAQ controls leak testers&/HEADLINE>

The S-3085 software allows up to 34 IDC M-10×5 leak testing instruments to be monitored and controlled by a remote IBM-compatible host computer. Each instrument continually stores data from its last 100 tests while this software enables the host computer to harvest and store data by date using a Microsoft Access database format. Recalled data can be viewed in total or by using selection filters, such as date, shift, channel, accept/reject results, and cause of rejects. It can also perform and display statistical calculations on selected data.

InterTech Development Co.


&HEADLINE>Software incorporates Visio2000&/HEADLINE>

Think & Do Studio incorporates Microsoft Visio2000 to allow control logic development; HMI design; electrical, mechanical, facilities management, and process engineering layouts; network diagrams; productivity analysis; enterprise connectivity; and motion and PID control. The logic stencil provides control functionality including discrete logic, motion control, PID loop control, serial port communications, SQL database, and external program interfaces. Flowcharts are automatically converted to an executable format that can be run on Windows 2000, NT, NT Embedded, and CE.

Think & Do Software


&HEADLINE>Web-enabled HMI includes e-mail server&/HEADLINE>

Infilink HMI is 32-bit software compatible with Windows 95/98/NT, includes drivers for major automation software, and can be preinstalled on industrial PCs. The HMI is web-enabled, includes an e-mail server, and transfers thousands of tags per second while remaining open to a wide range of communication drivers. The software has shortcut menus, editing tools, built-in animation functions, real time and historical trends, alarm management system, and library of more than 2000 objects.

Kessler Ellis Products