Petrochemical plant adopting wearable technology for workers

Honeywell announced Braskem Idesa has adopted its wearable connected technology solution at its Veracruz, Mexico, plant to improve productivity and compliance with process procedures.

By Honeywell September 11, 2019

Honeywell announced Braskem Idesa has adopted its hands-free, wearable connected technology solution at its plant in Veracruz, Mexico. The wearable technology will allow Braskem Idesa to improve productivity and compliance with process procedures, capture the expertise of experienced workers and provide critical insights and information effectively to trainees and support workers in the field.

The Braskem Idesa petrochemical complex has a production capacity of 1.05 million tons of ethylene and polyethylene. It is one of the largest petrochemical production sites in the Americas. Honeywell is delivering a complete outcome-based solution designed to track specific key performance indicators and integrates hardware, software and services, and a full Wi-Fi infrastructure to support use of the solution across the plant. The wearable technology will also accelerate training and ensure safety for field operators at the Braskem Idesa facility.

“With this solution, Braskem Idesa is embracing the digital transformation that will enable us to retain our leadership in the petrochemicals industry,” said Roberto Velasco Gutiérrez, industrial director, Braskem Idesa. “Capturing all the relevant expertise and data within the organization and getting it to workers wherever and whenever needed, will help get trainees safely into the field faster and ensure that every worker operates to Braskem Idesa’s best standards.”

A range of applications from Honeywell will boost the speed, safety and reliability of field workers thanks to the following services including:

  • Expert on call: Provides field workers with live, real-time access to experts in the central control room or elsewhere for troubleshooting, support and advice
  • Video support: Enables users to view videos demonstrating key tasks
  • Paperless rounds: Provides step-by-step instructions for common and complex tasks


– Edited from a Honeywell press release by CFE Media.

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