OSIsoft, SmartSignal form real-time alignment

By Plant Engineering Staff September 21, 2005

OSIsoft and SmartSignal Corp have aligned to deliver value to mutual customers with technologies that improve equipment performance through greater access to real-time data.

SmartSignal’s equipment performance improvement technology provides actionable early warning of abnormal performance across critical systems and operating modes. This technology can be applied to any equipment that employs sensors to provide a real-time view of a plant’s operating condition. OSIsoft’s real-time performance management platform (RtPM), complements SmartSignal technology by gathering information, adding context and ultimately providing a way to analyze and visualize data to deliver predictive capability.

The Analysis Framework (AF) from OSIsoft is a critical component of the RtPM platform that enables an organization to build a consistent representation of its assets. This allows an enterprise to create models for processes, operations, and facilities that are based on a common infrastructure and to reuse existing analyses that are in place elsewhere in the organization. In essence, Analysis Framework is a flexible logical layer on top of disparate systems and naming conventions. With the Analysis Framework, an organization can assign a context to any asset — be it a process or physical unit — within its database. The process follows three general steps:

(1) Identifying components that will make up a process and defining their relationships

(2) Identifying associated data sources, calculations, and rules

(3) Determining how results are to be displayed—reports, portals, or other applications

EPI*Center, from SmartSignal is the latest version of SmartSignal’s flagship product for Equipment Performance improvement solutions. The latest version of this technology delivers solutions that can monitor continuously in real time with more accurate modeling and incident detection capability as well as the ability to model a greater range of equipment types and operating conditions. Together, AF and EPI*Center will deliver a contextual solution to help speed development of new applications, ease maintenance of existing applications and enhance the end user experience. With a tight integration to asset information provided by AF, an EPI*Center user can click on an incident and launch the OSIsoft RtPM data they need to perform incident investigation, minimize equipment downtime and ultimately improve overall operational performance.

“OSIsoft and SmartSignal share several common goals and have been working together with customers across a number of industries,” said Maureen Coveney, director of business strategy for OSIsoft. This is a natural extension of our relationship and a direct response to customer demand for improved predictive solutions. Our joint customers in Oil & Gas, Utilities and Power will benefit greatly from reduced failure of critical systems including turbines, generators, valves and condensers, anywhere real-time information plays a role in the ability to keep capital assets and operations from being disrupted or failing.” ”We are delighted to be aligned with OSIsoft in helping clients improve equipment performance,” commented Steve Tonissen, vice president of marketing for SmartSignal Corp. “The joint solution enables clients to close the equipment performance gap and improve equipment availability, reliability, efficiency and compliance.”