Optical rotary torque sensors

The TorqSense ORT 230/240 Series of optical rotary torque sensors are designed for low torque and high bandwidth applications with a rotary and static torque measurement up to 100Nm and bandwidth up to 50kHz.

By Saelig Company November 10, 2016

The TorqSense ORT 230/240 Series of optical rotary torque transducers are designed for low torque and/or high bandwidth applications while providing precise measurement of rotary and static torque up to 100Nm and with a bandwidth of up to 50kHz. The optical operating principle creates excellent noise immunity while the low inertia design increases the device’s high speed capability. Features of both devices include self-diagnostics to report if the transducer’s torque, speed ratings, or calibration date have been exceeded while built-in sensors monitor shaft temperature for better compensation and accuracy. The devices also include an advanced torque monitoring package for Windows PC’s to assist with data display and recording. Other applications for these torque sensors include: food and chemical mixing, engine and turbine power measurements, screw and assembly machine logging, and other quality control during manufacturing.

Saelig Company