Operator training system and controls verification

IDEAS is a dynamic simulator that helps with process design, control logic verification, and operator training.

By ANDRITZ Automation June 7, 2021
Courtesy: ANDRITZ Automation

You have committed significant capital to build a new state-of-the-art process for your plant. The start-up date is scheduled, and the market is waiting for your product. How can you be sure that the controls will work, and your operators will know what they’re doing?

Courtesy: ANDRITZ Automation

Courtesy: ANDRITZ Automation

IDEAS is the leading dynamic simulator for the global pulp & paper industry, oil sands operations, potash processing and hard rock mining. It helps with process design, control logic verification and operator training. Using the IDEAS based ANDRITZ OTS will train operators months before the actual plant is up and running. It helps produce better trained operators—operators who will start up new processes faster, react more wisely to plant upsets, and be more productive.

For more information see https://www.andritz.com/products-en/group/automation/operator-training-systems.

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