Open historian with SQL

By Plant Engineering Staff January 2, 2007

CitectSCADA Reports v4 combines the openness of an embedded MS SQL Server with a historian an report generator. It is an off-the-shelf solution that collects, archives and delivers reporting data from multiple, disparate plant control systems. Users can visualize data from multiple SCADA systems in a Web browser; analyze this data with MS Excel; transfer data between control systems and MS SQL or Oracle databases, archive all control system data into MS SQL Server 2005 and report using industry standard reporting tools.

Open standards; familiar technology and user interface; and secure reporting make doing business easier and more cost effective. Version 4 features high data integrity and fast active data transfer rates and changes per second. Queries can be made by time or variable such as operator, shift, product, batch, mode etc, providing upfront real-time analysis of operating conditions as well as analysis of trend information from past records without interfering with the running of the process.