Oil injected compressors

August 5, 2009
Atlas Copco
The entry-level GA FIT oil injected compressor meets diverse market needs in the 110-160kW (150-200 hp) category by providing air compressor technology for customers in need of standard efficiency levels.

"We conducted in-depth conversations with our customers and found there was a gap in the market," said Paul Humphreys, vice president of communications and branding, Atlas Copco Compressors LLC. "The GA FIT was tailored for this market with one goal – to provide outstanding value to our customers in these tough economic times."
The GA FIT utilizes the latest generation of Atlas Copco’s oil-injected screw element in order to provide reliable service in the harshest environments, even in ambient temperatures up to 115°F /46°C. The GA FIT can be customized with several popular options to ensure the facility’s compressed air needs are met in the smallest, most reliable and efficient package.
Completing Atlas Copco’s GA 110-160 range are the GA Standard, GA +, and GA VSD (variable speed drive) versions. Each variant provides an increased level of performance and benefits, such as energy recovery, modulating controls, phase sequence relay, and additional energy-saving technologies.
Atlas Copco