NSPE leaders sign charter to combat corruption in engineering

By Plant Engineering Staff November 3, 2006

NSPE leaders recently joined forces with engineering leaders around the globe by signing a charter that strives to combat corruption in the global engineering and construction professions.

“As a society of licensed professional engineers, nothing matters more to our members than the ethical practice of engineering,” said Robert S. Miller, III, P.E., F.NSPE, NSPE president. “The signing of this charter just enforces the commitment our members have to protecting the global public’s health, safety and welfare and ensuring that corruption in our profession will not be tolerated.”

The charter, originally developed by the American Society of Civil Engineers, has been promoted in various locations worldwide. It acknowledges that as fundamental principles of professional conduct, engineers as individuals must:

  • Ensure that they are not personally involved in any activity that will permit the abuse of power for private gain.

  • Recognize that corruption occurs within the public and private sectors, in the procurement and execution of projects, and among employers and employees.

  • Refuse to condone or ignore corruption, bribery, or extortion; or payments for favors.

  • Urge professional engineering societies and institutions to adopt and publish transparent, enforceable guidelines for ethical professional conduct.

  • Enforce anti-corruption guidelines by reporting infractions by any participant in the engineering and construction process.