NOx Conference is June 7-8

By Plant Engineering Staff March 2, 2006

ISA’s 6th annual NOx Emissions and Source Monitoring Technical Conference and Training event will be held June 7 and June 8 in San Jose, CA. Co-located with the POWID/EPRI Conference, the event will feature presentations from industry experts on the latest NOx emissions and source monitoring technology.

The event is sponsored by the ISA Safety Division, the ISA POWID Division, and ICAC Institute of Clean Air Companies. Topics will include experiences with the measurement and control of low level NOx emissions, new concepts for NOx reduction techniques, and innovative monitoring systems. Presenters will participate in Q&A sessions, panel discussions, and be accessible for one-on-one discussions with attendees. The vendor showcase on 8 June will feature live product demonstrations from leading companies in the industry.

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