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Software controls vector/servo drives Preset positions featured on 18H vector control and 23H servo control are used to program up to 15 preset moves.
By Staff August 1, 2000

Software controls vector/servo drives

Preset positions featured on 18H vector control and 23H servo control are used to program up to 15 preset moves. These actions can include eight incremental moves, six absolute moves, and a home orient position. The moves are easily commanded from the control’s terminal strip. Move positions are entered using a 32-character keypad.

Baldor Electric Co.

Circle 371

Pressure switch checks itself

Differential pressure electronic switch continuously monitors and communicates its own health status. The “I Am Working” and “I Have Switched” signals are communicated both locally and remotely. The local, digital display and easy programmability make the device simple to install, set up, and test. The switch replaces airflow indicators, limit switches, and transmitters combined, on a single process connection.

United Electric Controls Co.

Circle 372

Controller reduces compressor energy costs

Flow Controller creates “real” storage within receiver tanks by accumulating compressed air without delivering it downstream. The air pressure increases upstream, while the controller delivers the needed flow downstream at a constant system pressure. This action reduces actual flow demand by eliminating artificial demand. Energy is saved because standby compressors don’t have to come on-line and leakage is reduced.

Kaeser Compressors

Circle 373

Sensor/switch is programmable

Type 8032 sensor/switch handles a valve, relay, or pump and establishes an on/off control loop. It measures flow rates from 0.6-30 fps and features a programmable setpoint that is set locally with three push buttons on the display or externally from a PLC/ computer over a 4-20-mA loop or ASI FieldBus.

Burkert Contromatic Corp.

Circle 374

Portable PC resists field hazards

FieldPro portable industrial PC is used in harsh conditions. Features include the capacity to house four full-length ISA/PCI plug-in cards. External connections to expansion cards are protected by water and dustproof fittings. Flexibility is enhanced with the ability to protect computer and accessory boards, even in rain or snow.

Omnicomp Systems, Inc.

Circle 375

Converter powers notebook PCs

ADP3020 is a space-saving, cost effective, dual dc/dc converter that powers all the systems in notebook PCs except the processor core. A dual synchronous, buck switching controller, the device is optimized for converting battery or adapter input into system supply voltages. With an efficiency of 96% for long battery life, the device is designed for portable applications with input sources from 4.5-25 V.

Analog Devices, Inc.

Circle 376

Pressure washer resists corrosion

GPW-1000 high-pressure washer replaces inefficient cleaning methods. The unit saves labor, decreases downtime, reduces cleaning costs; and is designed for easy handling, transport, and storage. Features include stainless steel construction, steel reinforced hose, and five quick-disconnect nozzles. Water output is 2.2 gpm at 1000 psi. The washer is 37-in. highx20-in. widex17-in. deep and weighs 83 lb dry.

Goodway Technologies Corp.

Circle 377

Door offers high performance

Impax 180 Rapid-Roll door has a strategic combination of heavy-duty, breakaway capability, instant resetting capacity, superior insulation, and maintenance-free reliability. The door features a bottom sectional panel that is designed to break away in both directions, eliminating damage and maintaining security. Doors are available in sizes up to 10-ft widex10-ft high.

Albany Intl.

Circle 378

Portable workstation handles many tools

Port-A-Shop mobile, benchtop tool workstation with a unique triangular design allows more than one tool to be used at the same time. With its three-legged support system, the unit can be used on irregular surfaces without leveling. Drop-in mounting points accept a wide variety of heavy benchtop tools (grinder, belt sander, drill press, vise, etc.) that can be changed quickly and easily.

AGM Container Controls, Inc.

Circle 379

Relay protects transformers

SEL-387E current differential and voltage relay provides extended protection and savings for two and three-winding transformers and other power apparatus. This product provides three-phase voltage inputs for power metering, overexcitation protection, frequency, and over and undervoltage functions. Event reports and recorder and circuit breaker wear monitors are standard features.

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Circle 380

Baghouse controller integrates function

B-PAC 100 Series of baghouse controllers seamlessly integrate filter cleaning, pressure gauging, filter leak detection, auxiliary diagnostic sensing such as fan amps and airflow, and a range of I/Os into a single, easy-to-use device. Diagnostics include the ability to instantly locate failed solenoids, ruptured diaphragms, and filter leaks. The units are accepted as comprehensive solutions for EPA Title V/CAM regulations.



Circle 381

Backing improves timing belt performance

A wide selection of materials that are chemically bonded to the back of polyurethane timing belts are now available. The selection of the most appropriate and best performing backing material depends on the application and functional requirements.

BRECOflex Co., LLC.

Circle 382

Gas burners provide low temperature

PP series of gas burners are prepackaged, fan-assisted units designed to suit virtually all types of low temperature, gas-fired applications. Typical applications include box ovens, duct heating, and particle incineration. The burner design produces a wide and relatively short flame, making it ideal for applications where chamber length is restricted. There are two heat input rates: 1 and 2 million Btu/hr/ft length of gas manifold.

Pyronics, Inc.

Circle 383

Drum handler is counterbalanced

Model 4550 drum handler features a compact profile and counterbalanced design that maneuvers easily in tight spaces. It increases handling speed and efficiency by allowing users to easily lift, palletize, and transport steel, plastic, and fiber drums from 29-53-in. high, with diameters up to 30 in. and weights up to 800 lb. An exclusive clamping mechanism grips drums securely.

Drum Runner Material Handling Co.

Circle 384

Compact receptacle is fused

IEC 309 is a compact, fused, interlocked receptacle for use in nonhazardous, medium-duty applications subject to frequent hose down, exposure to outdoor weather, or highly corrosive agents. The easy-to-operate receptacle is available in 30 and 60-amp versions and has a color-coded voltage identification system.

Cooper Crouse-Hinds

Circle 385

Chiller filter removes fine contaminants

Vortisand system’s unique design provides unparalleled filtration of particles that jeopardize the efficiency of chiller systems. The portable filtration system removes submicron particles, while working in conjunction with existing chemical treatment programs. Backwash is started automatically when differential pressure across the filter bed reaches a preset limit.


Stranco Products

Circle 386

Adhesive protects heat sensors to 3000 F

Resbond 989 one component, alumina adhesive cures at room temperature to provide high strength and excellent electrical, moisture, chemical, and solvent resistance. It protects heat sensors used in corrosive environments up to 3000 F. It has excellent adhesion to metals, ceramics, graphite, and glass. Trial kits include data sheets, instructions, and ceramics handbook.

Cotronics Corp.

Circle 387

Fasteners are self-mating

Dual Lock low profile, reclosable fasteners secure panels, frames, electronic devices, and more. They are used for anything that requires ease of access with a secure hold. When pressed together, thousands of mushroom heads interlock, creating an audible snap. The fasteners are self-mating, and don’t need male and female parts.


Circle 388

Pager sends alarms wirelessly

PagerAlert is the first wireless alarm notification system that uses industry-standard, two-way pager technology. It provides alarm notification over phones, cell phones, and pagers for any equipment alert in the U.S. and Canada. The device is remotely programmed via a toll-free number allowing the user to record unique messages for each of four alarm conditions and store four phone/ pager numbers for alarm notification.

Antx, Inc.

Circle 389

Air conditioners offer optimal cooling

Pro-Ozone air conditioners, offered in two performance classes of 8000 or 10,000 Btu, optimally cool heat loads in the middle and upper levels of the spectrum. Internal air cycle design with increased distance (max 1200 mm) of air intake and outlet offers optimal cooling performance. All units are available with the same dimensions: 59-in. highx15.75-in. widex11.4-in. diameter.

Rittal Corp.

Circle 390

Detector only senses CO

Costar P-1 personal carbon monoxide alarm uses a state-of-the-art, highly selective, solid-state, infrared sensor that only responds to CO. It is equipped with micro-controller intelligence that self-tests every 10 min. When potentially health-threatening levels of carbon monoxide are present, a 75-dB alarm sounds.

Quantum Group

Circle 391

Meters have snap-on heads

Test-Pro 400 Series of compact digital multimeters offers exceptional versatility through a wide range of interchangeable, snap-on heads. The heads provide a fast, inexpensive way to perform a variety of measurements, including dc and ac voltage, temperature, frequency, resistance, continuity, capacitance, diode, ac current, true RMS, and humidity.

Ideal Industries, Inc.

Circle 392

Coating requires minimum surface preparation

Corothane I HS is a VOC-compliant, single-component urethane coating with the performance of a two-part urethane. It cuts preparation time, and its superior adhesion to even marginally prepared surfaces gets the job done faster. The aliphatic product extends the application window with its ability to be applied at humidities up to 99% and temperatures down to 20 F, with no dew point restrictions.

The Sherwin-Williams Co.

Circle 393

Liquid level switches handle high pressure

ELS-1200CR electro-optic level switches provide broad chemical compatibility and accurately monitor liquids in vessels pressurized to 2500 psi. Wetted materials are glass and Hasteloy C with a body of 316 stainless steel. Switches are suitable for use in most liquids that do not crystallize or leave a solid residue. Integrated electronics eliminate the need for a separate controller.

Gems Sensors, Inc.

Circle 394

Light fixtures seal out dust

SealSafe HID lighting fixtures allow less dust penetration for high and low bay applications. The reflector and lens are mechanically sealed to the enclosure to keep dirt, dust, liquid, and moisture away from the luminaire. The seal protects the luminaire against powerful water jets from any direction. The fixtures accept metal halide and high-pressure sodium lamps from 250-1000 W.


Circle 395

Clamps support electric bus cable drops

Sky-Tie bus-drop cable clamps provide an anchor for 90-deg angle transitions using a simple, two-piece construction. Excess cable is looped for convenient handling and out-of-the-way storage. The clamp handles cable up to 1-1/8-in.- diameter and ensures tautness while absorbing vibrations and shock. The device is ideal for electrical cable and airlines that supply machine tools.


Circle 396

Variable speed motor saves space

VSM ‘W’ variable speed motors are available in 0.75-10 hp and base speeds of 1800/3600 rpm. Using the common ‘W’ motor feature that enables the terminal box to be mounted on the top or side, the VSM has space-saving characteristics suitable for a variety of environments, fitting within the same applications as an equivalent, nonvariable speed motor.

Invensys Brook Crompton

Circle 397

Booster pump runs vibration-free

GB booster pump is a high-pressure, multi-stage unit that provides steady, quiet, vibration-free operation. It is offered in cast iron or stainless steel construction. Features include an O-ring casing for easy maintenance, glass-filled impellers and diffusers, 300 stainless steel bowls with rabbit-lock for positive alignment, mechanical seals, and NEMA 56J motors.

Goulds Pumps Water Technologies

Circle 398

Humidity sensor has low battery drain

HIH-3610 Series delivers fast, instrumentation-quality relative humidity sensing. Chemically-resistant, multi-layered construction provides longevity in harsh environments. Direct input to a controller is made possible by the linear voltage output. With a typical current draw of only 200

Honeywell Sensing and Control

Circle 399

Flowmeter has sensor and transmitter

Two-wire transmitter is an economical single package solution that includes a sensor and transmitter suitable for liquids and gases. Differential pressure measuring avoids problems associated with sticking floats and plugging passages. A solid state strain gauge senses differential pressure. The product is available in pipe sizes from 1/4-8 in. with a liquid flow range of 4-3000 gpm and a gas flow range of 40-20,000 scfm.

RCM Industries, Inc.

Circle 400

Hand pallet truck has electric functions

EME 30 electric hand pallet truck closes the gap between manual and more powerful electric walkie models. The unit is comparable in size to a manual hand pallet truck, but all the functions are electrical. It is maneuvered safely and efficiently in confined spaces with the handle in the upright position using a snail speed control button. Capacity is 3000 lb.

Multiton MIC Corp.

Circle 401

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