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Scissor lifts have tight turning radius Models 1532ES and 1932ES mini-series scissor lifts, with platform heights of 15 and 19 ft respectively, feature a single-beam elevating system and tight 2-in.
By Staff April 1, 2000

Scissor lifts have tight turning radius

Models 1532ES and 1932ES mini-series scissor lifts, with platform heights of 15 and 19 ft respectively, feature a single-beam elevating system and tight 2-in. turning radius. Other features include a fully proportional controller for an infinite range of lift and drive speeds, removable and tilting control box, oversize platform with roll-out extension, easy access to componentry, and dual front-wheel drive, front-wheel steering.

Mayville Engineering Co., Inc.

Circle 371

Monitor and control system pH

Strantrol 886 improves pH levels in industrial and cooling water applications. The monitor and control system operates with little or no user attention. The operator simply keys in setpoints and the unit automatically monitors and adjusts water pH 24 hr/day. The device features a 16-character, backlit LCD display showing real time sensor readings, alarms, programming values, and menus. Three relays regulate any combination of control, alarm, and sensor wash.

Stranco Products Group


Circle 372

System provides point-of-use deionized water

KDI Deionization System reduces waste, labor, and overall operating costs; and increases product quality. Various product sizes produce 2-30 gpm of deionized water. An ergonomic design places all gauges, taps, and valves in a central location for easy operator interface. This design, combined with the unit’s automatic operation, minimizes hands-on adjustments and maintenance. A patented system measures water inlet quality and volume.

Kinetico, Inc.

Circle 373

Isolators protect bearings and retain lubricant

ProTech bearing isolators provide ease of installation and capacity to withstand large initial axial movement. The device stops lubricant leakage, while preventing outside contaminants from entering the bearing housing. PTFE construction is nonsparking, resistant to chemicals, and has a minimal coefficient of friction to minimize any possible heat generation from equipment malfunction.

John Crane

Circle 374

Conduit bender reduces labor costs

Eliminator has been job tested and proven to save up to 50% in labor costs over traditional conduit bending methods. The unit mounts on the end of the conduit. Locating details allow the tool to be mounted to a minimum outside diameter of 5/8 in., with a maximum wall thickness of 3/8 in. and any size outside diameter on threaded and nonthreaded conduit. Torpedo levels and magnetic protractors are not needed.

Bending Technologies, Inc.

Circle 375

Gauges resist shock and maintain accuracy

Direct Drive gauges offer the appearance and accuracy of standard products, while providing the durability and economy of direct drive technology. Accuracy meets ASME B40.1, Grade B standards. Testing has shown these gauges to be four times more shock resistant than conventional fixed movement versions. They are available in 1 1/2 and 2-in. back connect only.

Dresser Instrument

Circle 376

Screwdriver doesn’t lose blades

Until now, multiblade screwdrivers have promised a lot of convenience for maintenance technicians. But almost without exception, they lose blades. With the Craftsman All-in-One screwdriver, each full-sized blade is stored in its own chamber until used. Just rotate the selector ring until the desired blade aligns with the arrow, slide it forward, and it clicks in place.

Sears Industrial Sales

Circle 377

Paint applies to most surfaces

Corr-Paint CP2010 is a high temperature, aluminum-rich, urethane coating and sealant system for steel components and structures used in applications up to 400 F. It is easily applied by conventional spray equipment, brush, or roller; and used on relatively smooth surfaces or directly to rusted surfaces.

Aremco Products, Inc.

Circle 378

Check leaks affordably

Model CT-1000 air leak system combines mass flow technology with cost effective microprocessor control. It offers an alternative to bubble testing in water, which relies on operator judgement and often requires a secondary drying operation. Parts can be consistently tested to exact leak rates and data statistically analyzed from output information provided by the RS-232 port.

H Kassfeldt&Associates Ltd.

Circle 379

Tool creates offset bends fast

No-Dog Offset Bender is the industry’s only product offering both inside and outside conduit reamers. It accommodates 1/2 and 3/4 -in.-EMT conduit and provides settings for offsets between 0-3 in. With its adjustable settings, the bender enables electricians to speed and simplify set-up for tasks requiring identical bends or four-point saddles.

Gardner Bender

Circle 380

Camera detects smokewith three lenses

GBC SD-450 smoke detector camera includes a side-viewer and three lenses that range from wide angle to telephoto (2.5, 4, and 6 mm). The field of view is selected at the installation, and the angle of the side view lens is adjustable to suit the application. The unit accommodates up to five cameras, all working simultaneously. Installing three more side viewing cameras and a downward view camera captures an entire room from one location.

CCTV Corp.

Circle 381

Compressor design ensures long life

QSF rotary screw compressor is available in 50-150-hp models and delivers reliable airflow at pressures up to 150 psig. The compressor features a time-tested bearing design that ensures a projected life over 100,000 hr, and is backed by an optional 5-yr airend warranty. A redundant shaft seal system prevents fluid from escaping and makes maintenance quick and easy.

Quincy Compressor

Circle 382

Relay protects motors

Modular Control System E3 and E3 Plus solid-state overload relays are multifunctional devices that incorporate advanced protection and warning capabilities, along with direct network connectivity, to deliver greater flexibility in a cost-effective motor management solution. The relays are equipped with supplemental I/O, control capabilities, and ability to operate in a failure prevention mode, which allows users to monitor motor operation and prevent or minimize downtime.


Rockwell Automation

Circle 383

Fill orders with increased speed system meets today’s order fulfillment demands from e-commerce and leading edge companies with increased flexibility, accuracy, and speed. The integrated system uses multiple technologies such as carousels, VLMs, flow rack, and shelving to maximize density and throughput.

White Systems, Inc.

Circle 384

Drum storage rack simplifies loading and unloading

Model 2000 Stack-n-Go drum storage rack is compatible with most lift trucks. It includes four innovative drum trays with 7 1/2 -in. fork pockets for safe and easy drum loading, storage, and unloading. The all-welded, carbon steel frame anchors securely to concrete floors and can handle up to 3200 lb. An inverter can vertically position 30-50-gal. drums in diameters of 18-26 in.

Drum Runner Material Handling Co.

Circle 385

Fan/filter runs quietly

MAX8000EQ FFU fan/filter ceiling module attains a low 48 dBA. The unit uses half the power of similar models, is slim-profiled for height restricted areas, weighs 55 lb, and is 99.9% efficient at 0.3 micron. A 1-in. prefilter is standard.

Liberty Industries, Inc.

Circle 386

Cool small parts and tools without liquids

Mini Cooler provides a stream of 20-F compressed air to prevent heat buildup on small parts. It is effective on machining operations to eliminate burning, melting, and heat-related damage. The compact size, swivel magnetic base, and flexible cold air tubing make it easy to use. The device is well suited for applications where liquid cooling cannot be used due to part contamination or cost.

Exair Corp.

Circle 387

Floating headers produce steam fast

Floating headers help boilers produce steam in 5 min from a cold start without creating thermal shock to water tubes and enclosures. They allow water tubes to be short and straight, with the boiler taking up to 33% less floor space. This small size leads to reduced radiation losses, fuel savings of 10-40%, and lower construction costs, compared to conventional designs.

Miura Boiler West, Inc.

Circle 388

Portable foam system fights fires

A foam compressed air system is easy to use and requires minimal maintenance. Unlike traditional systems, once the controls are set for a specific foam, it is automatically set for the next use. The compact system can be truck or cart-mounted for emergency fire prevention in inaccessible locations. Features include a 20-hp engine, 200-gal. water tank, 8-gal. foam concentrate tank, 150-ft hose, electric rewind hose reel, and a 3-gal. fuel tank.


Div. of The Cincinnati Gear Co.

Circle 389

Air dryers reach low dewpoint

KEP Series of exhaust purge desiccant dryers have a rated capacity of 100-5000 scfm at 100 psig and can provide pressure dewpoints as low as -100 F. The dryers use only 6-7% of purge air to regenerate saturated desiccant. They save as much as 40% in operating costs over typical pressure swing desiccant dryers. The units significantly reduce maintenance and repair costs.

Kaeser Compressors

Circle 390

Feedback monitor eliminates downtime

IntelliTach, incorporating a digital signal processor, is a feedback monitoring device that eliminates downtime resulting from encoder signals. The monitor accepts inputs from any line drive encoder or digital tachometer and simultaneously monitors two encoder units, switching from one input to the other in the event of a velocity feedback failure. This switch can occur within one encoder pulse, resulting in a backup system that can switch feedback paths without interrupting the motor drive or process.

NorthStar Technologies, Inc.

Circle 391

Coating provides chemical resistance

Chempruf 100 coatings provide chemical resistance in such areas as containment dikes, walls, ceilings, ductwork, tank exteriors, clarifiers, structural steel, and floors. They are easily applied to steel or concrete by brush, roller, or spray, providing economical protection with minimum downtime. The series is available in a variety of base resins that allow customization for specific needs.

Atlas Minerals & Chemicals, Inc.

Circle 392

Caster wheel protects floors

Advanced Elastomer wheels on R650, R500, and R100 Series casters are a heavy-duty, 2 1/2 -in. wide product with load capacities up to 2000 lb, yet easy to maneuver. The wheels combine low rolling resistance and high load capacity, while offering excellent floor protection. The possibility of wheel tread failure is completely eliminated. Sizes range from 6 in. X 2 1/2 in. to 10 in. X 2 1/2 in.


Div. Evans Industries, Inc.

Circle 393

Dispense any grease accurately

PurgeX grease metering system is used with a wide range of products that demand critical flow control. Grease is fed from a fiber, opaque reservoir to the injector. An air signal pulses the meter, causing a predetermined amount of grease to be ejected. Location of the meter is not critical and can be fed from a remote reservoir. A safety relief valve is incorporated into the injector block.

Oil-Rite Corp.

Circle 394

Pressure calibrator provides full documentation

DPI 615 features uploading and downloading of calibration procedures and results. Error calculations of stored data and a graphical display of results, along with calibration software and third party maintenance software packages, cut calibration time/cost and ease the burden of quality audits. The unit offers 0.025% accuracy with an internal pressure generation up to 6000 psi.

Druck, Inc.

Circle 395

Anemometer also measures humidity

Kestrel 3000 pocket wind and humidity meter is a high accuracy anemometer for HVAC and OSHA-related measurements. The instrument offers three operating modes: air, average air, and maximum air velocity. The display can show fpm, mph, knots, meters/sec, or kilometers/hr. Temperature can be displayed in F or C. Relative humidity is displayed as %RH.

E. Clark & Associates

Circle 396

Luminaire controls lighting

PrismGlo Hekaton luminaire offers controlled uplight and downlight for a totally luminous environment. Advantages include brightness prismatics, balanced horizontal and vertical illumination, and reduced direct and reflected glare. The fixture has a high efficiency ballast and promotes wide spacing between units. The luminaire may be used with 150-400-W high-pressure sodium, 175-400-W metal halide, and 500-W incandescent lamps.

Holophane Corp.

Circle 397

Condition analyzer provides early warning

The 2120 condition analyzer monitors vibration data from critical turbomachinery, such as turbines, compressors, and generators via shutdown protection system outputs. The analyzer collects, analyzes, and trends vibration spectral data to provide early warning of developing faults and problem diagnosis. This feature allows scheduling maintenance in advance of unplanned shutdowns.


Circle 398

Pulse start lamps improve performance

Uni-Form 175-W, pulse start system offers a high lumen/watt pulse start lamp with 25% more initial lumens, 50% longer life (15,000 hr), and better maintained lumens than a standard, pinched body 175-W metal halide lamp. Products are available in a medium (E26) or mogul (E39) base, and in compact ED-17 and ED-28 jacket sizes.

Venture Lighting

Circle 399

Motors provide low-to-medium starting torque

Model 17 commercial duty motors are suited for applications requiring NEMA 48 and 56 frame, open, drip-proof products rated between 1/6-1 hp in single and three-phase ratings with low-to-medium starting torques. Features include Class B insulation, ODP steel band treated for corrosion protection, sealed ball bearings, and finned end rings for improved cooling.

Baldor Electric Co.

Circle 400

Hydronic relay has dual functions

Add-A-Zone relay is a snap-on pump controller designed to change the way circulators are installed in hydronic heating systems. The relay activates both the pumps and boiler when the thermostat calls for heat. Features include a field mountable design that reduces inventory, clearly marked terminal board and pigtail wires, and daisy-chaining for multiple zone applications.

Bell & Gossett

Circle 401

Stainless steel coolant pumps fight corrosion

MSPR multistage pumps deliver coolant at pressures to meet the requirements of today’s metal working applications. These pumps are available in an almost all stainless steel version for improved corrosion resistance and long life. Produced in 5, 7, 9, or 13-stage models, the pumps provide steady, pulsation-free coolant delivery.

Graymills Corp.

Circle 402

Bearings operate in high temperature

LH Series self-aligning, spherical roller bearings feature a new material with greater hardness and stability at all usable temperatures. The products are rated for use up to 480 F. Bearing life and performance, in terms of surface fatigue, peeling, smearing, and wear, is improved and dimensional instability is minimized close to 0. The series is available in sizes up to 16.5-in. OD.

NTN Bearing Corp. of America

Circle 403

Meters measureflow accurately

Accucal flowmeters combine the quality and accuracy of laboratory products with a rugged industrial design in chemically compatible 316 stainless steel and PTFE. The devices provide both calibrated/correlated and direct-reading scales in a single meter. They come in 10 sizes, measuring flows from 0.3ml/min to 150 l/min for air, and 0.003 ml/min to 4.7 l/min for water.

Gilmont Instruments Div., Barnant Co.

Circle 404

Tapes insulate at high temperatures

Polyimide (Kapton) tapes serve a broad range of electronic assembly, electronic insulation, and high temperature masking applications from -100-500 F. They are used wherever a high temperature, chemical, and puncture resistant surface is required. The tape is available in traditional single sided adhesive thicknesses of 1, 2, and 5 mil, as well as double-sided adhesive and pressure sensitive adhesive.

CS Hyde Co.

Circle 405

Voice system announces alarms

The 600 Series FlexEvac Evacuation System provides prerecorded, natural voice messages to facilitate an orderly exit of protected areas in a plant. The system is suitable for new and retrofit projects that require state-of-the-art life safety systems. An integral component is a fully supervised emergency paging microphone that features press-to-talk operation. If the microphone is removed from the panel, a trouble condition is reported.

The Gamewell Co.

Circle 406

Baghouse offers easy maintenance

Modular baghouse collector offers economical installation and low maintenance cost for high volume dust collection. Each module is factory assembled for quick field installation and limited crane time. Few moving parts ensure continuous operation in severe conditions. Snap-in, top-access filter bags and quick-disconnect blowpipes do not require tools to install or remove bags. A walk-on housing allows easy access to inspect, install, or remove bags.

Donaldson Co., Inc.

Torit Products

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