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Pumps and valves Complete guide to pumps and valves features a wide range of models. The 12-p brochure also offers typical applications, product options, and photos of each product.
By Staff September 1, 2000

Pumps and valves

Complete guide to pumps and valves features a wide range of models. The 12-p brochure also offers typical applications, product options, and photos of each product.

APV Americas – Fluid Handling

Circle 316

Temperature monitoring

A 24-p catalog describes a line of products specifically designed to solve temperature measurement problems that can occur during the transportation, storage, and processing stages of temperature sensitive materials. Products include dataloggers, temperature recording labels, thermometers, and more.

Teletemp Corp.

Circle 317

Dust collection

The Dust-Hog Supra Blast is available as either a single or a double configuration to remove dust, fumes, and other pollutants. An 8-p brochure shows how the unit works, lists features and benefits, and provides specifications for 22 models.

United Air Specialists, Inc.

Circle 318

Retractable safety curtains

A 4-p brochure provides information about three retractable curtains designed for protection in safety and welding operations. The literature details each retractable’s capabilities, dimensions, and features.

Frommelt Safety Products

Circle 319

Chiller systems

Brochure discusses the impact of ARI Standard 550/560-98 on multiple chiller systems. The brochure aids in clarifying integrated part load value and nonstandard part load value; and illustrates applications. Chiller load profiles, graphs, and tables are provided.

The Trane Co.

Circle 320

Duct connectors

An 8-p brochure includes descriptions, illustrations, and photos of various connectors for round and oval ductwork systems. The literature offers a specification chart that lists each connector type.

McGill AirFlow Corp.

Circle 321

Chain hoists

Hand and electric chain hoists are the topic of a 24-p catalog. Photos, illustrations, construction features, and technical data are offered for each product.

Acco Chain & Lifting Products Div.

Circle 322

Water jetting equipment

High-pressure and ultra-high-pressure water jetting equipment is featured in a new 6-p brochure. The brochure demonstrates how high-pressure water jetting can produce an extra-clean surface without the grit and dust of sandblasting.

NLB Corp.

Circle 323

Dock loading

A 4-p brochure presents equipment for all dock loading needs. The literature features dock levelers, loading ramps, wheel risers, dock seals, machinery guards, and more.

T & S Equipment Co.

Circle 324

Vacuum lifters

Expanded catalog includes more than 50 photos of vacuum lifters, assembly workstations, and heavy-duty workstation systems. The vacuum lifters are available in either shop air or electric power versions and conform to OSHA and ASME standards.

CMCI/UNIVAC Div., The Caldwell Group, Inc.

Circle 325

Ball bearing

Series 3000 heavy-duty ball bearing is featured in a new 12-p catalog. The bearing offers better lubrication, longer life, and higher speed than typical versions. Features, specifications, and applications are listed.

Rexnord Corp.

Circle 326

Process control

An 8-p brochure describes Cimplicity OpenProcess software. The product provides all the tools needed to design, implement, document, and maintain a process control system using advanced control strategies and utilities typically associated with distributed control systems. A graphical representation shows the software’s open architecture; a diagram shows a plant floor application of a typical system and components.

GE Fanuc Automation North America, Inc.

Circle 327

Compressed air dryers

A 4-p brochure describes how air dryers reduce dust collector maintenance and downtime by removing problem-causing moisture in compressed airlines. A variety of products are featured in the literature, including regenerative and single-tower desiccant dryers, refrigerated dryers, compressed air and gas filters, aftercoolers, and drain valves.

Van Air Systems

Circle 328

Battery chargers

Catalog features 42 models of battery chargers, as well as accessories and related specialty wiring devices. The chargers are waterproof, shockproof, and tolerate heat and caustic chemicals and gases. The units offer a compact design, which is ideal for onboard charging of vehicles.

Guest Industrial

Circle 329


Full line catalog contains products designed for plumbing, electrical, and general industrial applications. Each tool has a detailed product description and specifications.

Rothenberger USA, Inc.

Circle 330

Humidity control

A 6-p brochure includes information on sensors, transmitters, controllers, displays, and humidistats that function in high-humidity environments and help eliminate conditions that contribute to poor indoor air quality. General product information, photos, and specifications are included.

Johnson Controls

Circle 331

Chemical process motors

Premium efficiency chemical process motors for IEEE STD 841 are the topic of a new flyer. The motors offer energy savings, cool operation, and long life.

Baldor Electric Co.

Circle 332

Safety posters

Get the word out around the plant that safety is your number one priority. A 32-p catalog contains posters on a wide range of safety topics, such as attitude, lifting and backs, tools, and much more. The 17 3 22-in. posters are a great visual safety reminder.

Bongarde Communications

Circle 333

Dust collection

Product selection guide includes application specifications for a complete line of dust collection and ventilation equipment that remove industrial process dusts.

Uni-Wash/Polaris Industrial Ventilation Group

Circle 334

Assembly tools

New catalog offers a wide range of products, including screwdrivers, angle nutrunners, impact wrenches, and more. Conversion tables for millimeter/decimal/fraction are included. Product photos and specifications are provided for each product.

Cooper Tools

Circle 335

Antivibration leveling casters and pads

A 6-p catalog describes antivibration leveling casters and leveling pads that provide a safe and easy way to move and level equipment, while eliminating the effects of vibration.

ORII Corp. of America

Circle 336

Wire carts and shelving

A new catalog describes round post wire carts and shelving systems. Photos and specifications are included.

Gillis Associated Industries

Circle 337

Pipe insulation

Styrofoam brand pipe insulation and its uses are detailed in a new 16-p catalog. The brochure explains how the insulation offers a low life-cycle cost, long system life, and continuous plant operation due to fewer insulation failures. Easy-to-read graphs compare this product with other mechanical insulation products, including cellular glass, elastomeric rubber, glass fiber, and mineral wool.

The Dow Chemical Co.

Circle 338

Roof exhaust fans

New catalog provides information for Models G and GB centrifugal rooftop fans. The fans offer nominal wheel diameters of 6-54 in., and are available in more than 45 configurations.


Circle 339

Flow measurement

Brochure features electronic instruments for automated and computer-controlled flow measurement systems, turbine flowmeters, weight-time flowmeter calibrators, preamplifiers, rate totalizers, and batch controllers.

Cox Instrument

Circle 340

Pneumatic cylinders

A 20-p catalog features a line of NFPA pneumatic cylinders with and without an integral rod-locking device. The publication contains design details, mounting dimensions, technical data, and more. Information is presented for the CA series of cylinders, available in bore sizes 11/2-12 in. with standard hard chrome and polished rods for use with up to 250-psi air or oil.

Advanced Machine & Engineering Co.

Circle 341


The 2000-2001 specifier’s guide details electrical/electronic enclosures. The publication includes technical information and standards.


Circle 342

Hydraulic dock levelers

The HD-1700 STL leveler can be configured to meet the demands of virtually any loading dock operation. A 6-p brochure describes how the product prevents drop-off accidents, provides free-fall protection, and reduces service and maintenance.

Rite-Hite Corp.

Circle 343

HVAC instrumentation

A full line of digital, electronic instruments for HVAC/R and related industries is featured in an 8-p brochure. Products include IR thermometers, humidity measurement tools, and more.

Testo, Inc.

Circle 344

MSDS management

Literature describes MSDSpro software designed to streamline the process of material safety data sheet (MSDS) management. More than 240,000 standardized MSDS documents are included on the CD-ROM-based program. Software keeps MSDS records current with free updates via the internet.

Aurora Data Systems, Inc.

Circle 345