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Heavy-duty lighting A 6-p brochure describes the Endurance series of positionable, linear fluorescent luminaires for dirty, dusty, and corrosive environments.
By Staff April 1, 2000

Heavy-duty lighting

A 6-p brochure describes the Endurance series of positionable, linear fluorescent luminaires for dirty, dusty, and corrosive environments. Complete product information is provided, including a “building block” approach to effective, economical lighting. Photometric charts and product specifications are included.

Morlite Systems, Inc.

Circle 316


New Spring catalog offers 252 pp of signs, labels, and tags to fulfill safety, security, maintenance, and directional marking needs. More than 1300 new items are presented for fork lift safety, lockout, right-to-know, and more. Each line offers products to comply with federal, state, and local regulations, as well as OSHA, DOT, EPA, ANSI, NFPA, and ADA specifications.

Emed Co., Inc.

Circle 317

Utility carts

A 4-p brochure introduces the ProCart-the first model to function as both a flat-top and box-top utility cart. The cart moves cartons, loose components, or mixed items; and allows a variety of service functions to be performed with a single unit. Rated at 400-lb maximum capacity, the cart glides on 5-in., nonmarking wheels and easily maneuvers around tight corners and through narrow aisles. Product features are illustrated in the literature, along with dimensional information.


Circle 318

Compressed air dryers

HL Series heatless regenerative compressed air dryers are featured in a 4-p brochure. The models cover flows of 200 scfm at 100 psig and larger. Features and benefits are listed, along with optional equipment.

Van Air Systems, Inc.

Circle 319

Temperature products

New 36-p catalog features a line of temperature sensing, monitoring, and controlling equipment. Products include infrared probes, smart temperature controllers, and RTDs. Specifications and performance data are provided for each instrument.

Barnant Co.

Circle 320

Air pollution control

New catalog profiles a complete line of products for controlling air pollution. Scrubbers, dust collectors, and other products and services are detailed in the 6-p publication.

Tri-Mer Corp.

Circle 321

Ground resistance measurement

Catalog provides information on clamp-on ground resistance testers and two, three, and four-pole direct reading testers. A tutorial section details traditional and nontraditional methods of ground testing required for compliance with NEC, OSHA, and other standards.

AEMC Instruments

Circle 322

Coaxial valves

A catalog outlines the features and benefits of CO-AX coaxial valves, which are designed for the control of liquids, gases, vacuum, and a variety of media with pasty, gelatinous, aggressive, or abrasive properties. Featured are direct-acting, externally controlled, control, cartridge, modular/ manifold, and other styles of valves.

springer co-ax, inc.

Circle 323

Oil skimmers

New pocket-sized brochure describes a line of belt skimmers for removal of oil and grease from water. The publication features photos, drawings, application information, and features and benefits.

Abanaki Corp.

Oil Skimmer Div.

Circle 324

Gas phase adsorbers

A 4-p brochure describes the Vari-Klean ultra-high-efficiency gas phase adsorber for continuous removal of low-level concentrations of airborne molecular contamination less than 500 ppb. Typical applications and product features are detailed in the literature.


Circle 325

Track lighting

New 28-p brochure features several styles of track lighting, along with dimensional drawings and product photos to assist in selection. Featured track head styles include roundback, flatback, gimbal ring, wire form, step cylinder, quartz flood, and more.

Lithonia Lighting

Circle 326


Time, temperature, and humidity instruments are featured in a 116-p, full-line catalog. Product specifications, including weights and measures, simplify the selection process. A technical glossary and handy color-coded sections are included.

Cooper Instrument Corp.

Circle 327

Safety switches

An 8-p brochure and a 52-p application guide highlight the Type VBII safety switch. The brochure examines the switch’s features, such as a rugged enclosure and enhanced ratings system. Product specifications, dimensional drawings, and test requirements are also provided.

Siemens Energy&Automation, Inc.

Circle 328

Butterfly valves

New 10-p brochure describes the BHP high-performance butterfly valves for general and critical applications. The valves are designed for exceptional performance and durability with minimal maintenance. Seat options and recommended applications are discussed.


Circle 329

Measurement and inspection sensors

A 72-p catalog is an information-packed buying guide for a wide range of measurement and inspection sensors. Specifications and applications are listed.

Banner Engineering Corp.

Circle 330

Spill containment

Gator spill containment systems meet EPA regulations and the Uniform Fire Code. A 12-p foldout brochure provides information on spill control pallets and work centers, a spill containment caddy, and a drum management system.

Justrite Mfg. Co.

Circle 331

Cable connectors

A 22-p catalog features a wide variety of flat cable connectors, connector systems, and related components. Organized as an easy-to-use specification guide, the publication offers product photos, specifications, and cutaway drawings.

ITW Pancon

An Illinois Tool Works Co., Inc.

Circle 332

Water treatment

Informational brochure describes ultraviolet (UV) systems for disinfecting, oxidation, reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, ozone destruction, and other water treatment processes. All the systems use safe, long-lasting UV lamps rated for more than 9000 hr of continuous use. Three different systems-light, general, and heavy-are discussed in the literature.

Ultra Dynamics

Circle 333

Storage equipment

Condensed catalog features all-welded storage cabinets, lockers, shop furniture, modular drawer cabinets, shelving, and storage racks. Each product is pictured and described with sizes and specifications listed.

Lyon Metal Products

Circle 334

Fork lift attachments and accessories

This 16-p booklet provides information on attachments and accessories to make a fork lift more productive and versatile. Products include hoisting hooks, drum positioners, fork extensions, and more. Specifications and options are listed with each product.

Vestil Mfg. Co.

Circle 335

Measurement and automation

The Measurement and Automation Catalog 2000 is a complete resource for engineers seeking the most effective computer-based measurement and automation solutions for their applications. The catalog contains 880 pp of products, tutorials, and selection guides designed to help the user increase productivity and reduce cost. The catalog is available online at the company’s web site:

National Instruments

Circle 336

Protective apparel

New 32-p catalog provides information on general, chemical, and specialty protection garments. The publication explains the benefits of comfortable apparel to aid in worker protection.

Kimberly-Clark Protective Apparel

Circle 337

Roof maintenance

A 6-p foldout brochure outlines a full range of roof maintenance services, from general housekeeping to preventive maintenance. The literature gives examples of simple roofing issues that can become major problems and expense if not addressed properly. Diagrams illustrate the level of perfor-mance and cost savings for roofs maintained on a regular basis.


Circle 338

Explosion venting

A new 6-p brochure identifies the performance characteristics desirable in an explosion-venting device. The literature identifies where, when, and how the devices are used to mitigate the effects of industrial explosions. Seven different vent models are outlined, along with selection criteria and sizing information.

Fike Corp.

Circle 339

Motor protection

Bulletin 1164B describes how motor protection filters extend motor life by reducing peak voltage and operating temperatures. Included are product descriptions, specifications, technical information, and selection tables. The filters are available in a variety of open and enclosed models to protect motors from 1-600 hp.

MTE Corp.

Circle 340


The 2000 Sweet’s Surface-Applied Waterproofing brochure details a complete line of traffic-bearing, elastomeric waterproofing systems and specialty coatings that can be used on a variety of surfaces, including walkways, rooftops, and floors.


Circle 341

Material handling

Comprehensive 480-p catalog offers thousands of material handling and maintenance products, uncluding storage, dock equipment, ladders, drum handling equipment, shipping products, and more. The catalog is color coded into three sections for ease-of-use. Most products are available for immediate shipping.

Lab Safety Supply

Circle 342

Hydraulic testers

A 4-p bulletin details DH series digital hydraulic testers. More than 15 models are available for hydraulic fluid flows ranging from 0.03-350 gpm at pressures to 7000 psi. Easy-to-read charts provide technical information. A product selection matrix helps users pick products for a specific application.

Webster Instruments, a div. of Webtech Products

Circle 343


Galvanizing for Corrosion Protection: A Specifier’s Guide includes information about corrosion, corrosion protection, and galvanizing. The guide offers examples of practical uses of galvanized steel in a cross section of industries.

American Galvanizers Assoc.

Circle 344

Corrosion-resistant actuators

Booklet features a complete line of corrosion-resistant actuators and accessories. The literature presents key features, materials of construction, engineering specifications, operational data, and diagrams.


Circle 345

Strip doors

An 8-p brochure features a line of strip doors designed to drastically reduce heating and cooling costs and increase employee comfort. Product specifications and options are featured in the literature.

TMI, Inc.

Circle 346


Comprehensive new catalog, The Ballast Navigator, outlines a complete line of ballasts and includes catalog numbers, wiring diagram, and reference dimension drawings. Product lines included in the literature are electromagnetic, electronic, dimming, compact fluorescent, HID, and sign. The catalog is also available in a downloadable PDF format on the company’s web site.

MagneTek Lighting Products

Circle 347

Motion control

A 68-p catalog provides specifications, dimensions, and accessories for a line of single and multiaxis brushless servo components and systems.

Thomson Industries

Circle 348

Wrap spring clutches and brakes

A 97-p catalog presents a complete line of wrap spring clutches and brakes. A special section highlights dimensions, technical ratings, product features, and application information.

Warner Electric

Circle 349

Reusable containers

Ropak reusable container systems are featured in this new mini catalog. The containers offer a cost-effective alternative to pallets and loose-handling systems, and provide superior product protection. Each container type is illustrated and described in the 8-p catalog. The containers are constructed of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for durability and are available in a variety of collapsible and noncollapsible configurations and in many different weight capacities,

Linpac Materials Handling

Circle 350


Automation Sensors catalog provides an overview of level, flow, pressure, photoelectric, scanner, and proximity products. The catalog provides extensive technical data and detailed product information.

Scientific Technologies, Inc.,

Automation Sensors Div.

Circle 351

Cranes and accessories

Complete Cranes technical guide outlines capabilities for a line of cranes and accessories. The 36-p brochure offers easy-to-read technical data, system descriptions and features, isometric illustrations, and engineering drawings. A helpful selection guide and glossary are included.

Harrington Hoists, Inc.

Circle 352

Hand tools

New hand tools catalog features more than 4600 items, including the 1200-piece “Ultimate Master” set. Also featured in the catalog are socket sets and wrench sets.

Armstrong Industrial Hand Tools

Circle 353

Swing control system

SCS swing control system is used in conjunction with a variable frequency drive to prevent common load swing created during bridge and trolley motions of overhead cranes. The system is designed to improve production throughput, increase safety, and reduce material damages and costs. A 4-p brochure provides specifications and product benefits.

Electromotive Systems by MagneTek

Circle 354

Horizontal carousels

Benefits, applications, performance features, and technical data for a line of horizontal carousels are featured in a new bulletin. Fourteen applications for the carousels are illustrated, and information is presented about ac vector controls, Windows-based inventory control systems, light-directed picking systems, and robotic inserter/extractors.

White Systems, Inc.

Circle 355

Air handling

The 2000 Industrial Ventilation catalog is designed to assist in dust and fume collection, pollution control, HVAC, and other industrial applications. The catalog contains thousands of components, such as spiral pipe, elbows, spun reducers, duct silencers, blastgates, lateral tees, and flexhose. The catalog also offers information on designing and installing an air handling system.

Air Handling Systems

Circle 356

Pneumatic and fluid control valves

New 24-p catalog describes a complete line of pneumatic and fluid control valves. Detailed information is offered for miniature 2, 3, and 4-way valves, needle valves/pinch valves, shuttle valves/check valves, pressure regulators, controllers, fittings, and more. Arranged by product group, the catalog contains complete specifications and dimensional data.

The Specialty Mfg. Co.

Circle 357

Hazardous gas monitoring

Data sheet describes the SmartMaxII system for area monitoring of hazardous gases and vapors. The system can handle readings from up to four different sensors and comes equipped with a 4-20mA analog output and an RS-485 serial port, plus three onboard, programmable relays.

Control Instruments Corp.

Circle 358

Analog devices

A 72-p technical magazine, Analog Dialogue, contains articles on products, applications, and design techniques for analog, digital, and mixed-signal processing. An electronic issue is available at

Analog Devices

Circle 359

Rolling doors

New 24-p catalog is a specifier’s guide to rolling doors designed to control costs, enhance security, and improve personnel safety. Rolling service doors, fire doors, insulated doors, rolling grilles, and a variety of operator and control accessories are featured in the catalog. A cutaway diagram highlights features of a standard rolling door. Technical diagrams, construction features, and specifications are provided, as well as information on 8 different finishes and 200 colors.

Cornell Iron Works

Circle 360

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