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Inline fans Multiline inline fans are featured in a new 4-p brochure. Operating features are listed for three models with axial flow, mixed flow, and centrifugal impellers.
By Staff August 1, 2000

Inline fans

Multiline inline fans are featured in a new 4-p brochure. Operating features are listed for three models with axial flow, mixed flow, and centrifugal impellers. Performance curves and dimensional data are included in the literature.

Continental Fan Mfg., Inc.

Circle 316

Plate magnets

A 12-p brochure highlights a line of plate magnets for removal of tramp iron and ferrous impurities. The Ferroplate line offers five styles in differing strengths to handle nearly any capacity up to 22,000 cu ft/hr and 346 lb.

Dings Co. Magnetic Group

Circle 317

Cooling towers

Brochure describes a complete line of seamless, corrosion-proof cooling towers. The casing of the towers are manufactured from a leakproof plastic. The installer needs to only hook up electrical and water and the tower is ready to operate.

Delta Cooling Towers, Inc.

Circle 318

Portable calibrators

Portable field calibrators are featured in this 8-p foldout guide. Pressure calibrators, temperature and multifunction calibrators, test tools, and software are described in the literature. Photos are provided for each product.

Druck, Inc.

Circle 319


Hexacomb honeycomb pallets are constructed of kraft paper (linerboard) and water-based adhesives to create a lightweight and environmentally friendly alternative to wood or plastic. The pallets are available in a variety of nonstandard sizes for U.S. and export applications. Customers can choose from a variety of pallet deck, runner, and block dimensions. A 4-p brochure describes various designs, options, and benefits.

Pactiv Corp.

Circle 320

Solids handling eductors

A 4-p brochure describes the dry solids handling eductors-a maintenance-free alternative to rotary airlock bulk feeding components. Ideal for moving nearly any conveyable solid product, including pellets, powders, and particulates, the eductors also handle a wide range of materials that typically cause problems in mechanical feed devices. Illustrations show advantages of the product.

Schutte & Koerting

Circle 321

Speed reducer

Dodge Tigear speed reducer features the Relialube system that provides a pressure-vented gearbox with no open path to the environment. A 6-p brochure provides cutaway illustrations, technical data, and product photos.

Rockwell Automation

Circle 322

Parts cleaning

A 4-p brochure describes the AquaWorks aqueous parts cleaning program. The literature explains how the single-source program provides customers with fresh cleaning solution, cleans and services machines, assists with related paperwork, and handles any spent aqueous solution in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. A line of automated aqueous cleaning equipment is featured in the literature.

Safety-Kleen Corp.

Circle 323

Structural framing

More than 160 uses for aluminum structural framing are featured in this 68-p application guide. The publication highlights many uses, such as workstations, test stands, guarding, and carts. The framing is easier to assemble than steel, costs less, and requires no welding or painting.

Bosch Automation Products

Circle 324

Safety cutters

A 24-p brochure describes how safety cutters help to prevent accidents during cutting operations involving cardboard boxes, carpeting, roofing felt, and more. The cutters offer automatic blade edge protection, safe blade change, and ergonomic design.

Martor Solingen

Circle 325


New long-life blowers with capacities to 8500 cfm are featured in a 6-p brochure. The literature covers the history of blower technology, an overview of key features, and technical data.

Aerzen USA

Circle 326

Conveyor belt cleaner

The Eliminator Belle Banne U-type conveyor belt cleaner is featured in a new 4-p brochure. The brochure focuses on the U-type design, featuring a curved blade that bridges across the recessed fasteners without the damaging impact common with straight-blade cleaners that can drop into the recess and meet the fasteners head on. Complete specifications and product photos are provided.


Circle 327

Noise measurement and analysis

Noise measurement is the topic of this new 12-p brochure. The literature discusses how to solve noise problems, provide hearing conservation, and locate the noise source.

Brüel & Kjær

Circle 328

Flexible electrical conduit

New catalog highlights jacketed metallic, nonjacketed metallic, and nonmetallic liquidtight conduit for a variety of applications, including general purpose steel, EMI/RFI shielding, halogen-free, UL and CSA rated, and more. The conduit can be customized to meet specific applications. An application guide and chemical resistance guide help the user select the right product.

Electri-Flex Co.

Circle 329

Building and grounds

Inside and outside maintenance concerns are discussed in a 60-p catalog. Sections cover coatings, asphalt and concrete repair, roofing, matting, and general maintenance.

Revere Products

Circle 330


Full-line catalog provides listings for pressure transducers, load cells, instrumentation, and more.

Sensotec, Inc.

Circle 331

Display stations

Cimplicity display stations offer a bundled hardware and software solution for demanding industrial applications. A 6-p foldout brochure describes several types available, such as stations with a touch screen or keypad. A handy comparative chart lists technical data for 11 models.

GE Fanuc Automation

Circle 332

Boiler parts and services

Aftermarket replacement parts, programs, and services for boilers are featured in a new catalog. Options such as the Assured Stock Program inventory management system, pulverizer rebuild programs, and other specialty products and solutions are explained.

Babcock & Wilcox

Circle 333


A 6-p brochure describes how to solve disbursement problems by using vending machines to dispense products or equipment. Custom software tracks every item disbursed for accurate recordkeeping and user accountability. Safety equipment, medical products, tools, and other items are easily dispensed from the vending machines.

International Vending Management

Circle 334

Lift trucks

Pneumatic tire lift trucks with capacities of 3000-7000 lb are featured in a new brochure. The vehicles come with gas, LP gas, or diesel engines; and offer a quiet ride, operator restraint system, and spacious operator compartment.

Caterpillar Lift Trucks

Circle 335


New 196-p master catalog simplifies the task of selecting workstations. The catalog provides guidelines for selecting workstations, workbenches, and accessories.

IAC Industries

Circle 336

Welding reels

New catalog provides complete information and specifications for welding reels. Featured in the publication are power and manual rewind arc welding reels that can accommodate up to 400 amps, as well as dual arc welding reels designed to handle grounding and arc welding leads on the same reel unit.

Hannay Reels, Inc.

Circle 337

Vacuum valves

Series 170/180 and V-100 angle and inline valves are designed for use in vacuum systems where production byproducts can condense and build up. By heating the valve, the internal temperature is elevated, leaving the byproducts in a gaseous form. A 4-p brochure provides specifications, applications, and technical diagrams.

MKS Instruments, Inc.

Vacuum Products Group

Circle 338

Electrical products

This 104-p sourcebook details an extensive line of electrical products, including utility and temporary lighting, lamp changers, pin and sleeve devices, and more. Product descriptions, easy-to-read charts, and photos are provided.

McGill Electrical Products

Circle 339


A flyer describes variable torque fan and pump inverters. The 15-V inverters offer a 115% overload capability, which is ideal for the overload demands typically found on fans, blowers, and centrifugal pumps. The inverters feature a 32-character keypad display and “plain English” commands.

Baldor Motors and Drives

Circle 340

Plant products

Industrial buyers guide features hundreds of products for use in the plant. Sections cover cabinets and lockers, shelving and racks, material storage, material handling, shop equipment, dock equipment, and maintenance.

Dozier Equipment Co.

Induction heating system

Information package describes an induction heating system used to preheat pipe, provide post-weld stress relief, and to cure and remove protective coatings. The induction heating system is a faster, more accurate, and safety alternative to propane. The information package contains system configurations, specifications, and more.

Miller Electric Corp.

Circle 342

Spray nozzles

A 12-p bulletin features automatic brush, manual brush, brushless, oscillating, and air atomizing/hydraulic spray headers. The literature describes how the spray nozzles eliminate clogging and reduce maintenance downtime and water consumption.

Spraying Systems Co.

Circle 343

Fire safety

New 126-p Fire Safety Handbook provides information on fire prevention, safety codes, procedures, and techniques. The book covers a full range of safety topics, including maintenance of fire safety equipment, fire alarm and voice communication systems, portable fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, signage, maintenance report forms, and much more. The cost is $53.95.

Safety Media, Inc.

Circle 344

Lift trucks

New 8-p catalog details a complete line of electric lift trucks. Organized by product grouping, the publication provides easy referencing of vehicles.

Crown Equipment Corp.

Circle 345

Load moving/handling

This 12-p brochure provides information on a wide range of load moving and load handling equipment. Products include single caster load movers, pneumatic lifts, adjustable height work platforms, and more.

Air Caster Corp.

Circle 346


New 2001 lighting catalog offers old favorites and new products. The catalog contains more than 200 pp of products, technical information, and more.

Ruud Lighting

Circle 347

Handrail components

Handrail components catalog contains a wide range of products, including pipe and tube connectors, handrail brackets, caps, bases, and more. Specifications and photos are included.

McNichols Co.

Circle 348


A 30-p catalog features detailed information on a variety of gratings, including steel, riveted pressure locked, close mesh, aluminum swage locked, and heavy duty. The guide contains engineering data, specifications, installation clearances, standard nomenclature, and more.

IKG Industries

Circle 349

Linear motion and control

New 450-p Linear Motion & Control Solutions Guide features a complete offering of linear guides, systems, slides, stages, and motion control products. Graphs, formulas, and illustrations are included in the catalog.

Thomson Industries, Inc.

Circle 350

Spherical roller bearing

A color brochure profiles the Explorer spherical roller bearing, the end product of a decade-long research project. Photos depict the design, metallurgy, tribology, and manufacturing processes of development. A graph compares the life expectancy of this bearing to that of conventional bearings.


Circle 351

Steam traps

An 8-p brochure highlights a line of products, including steam traps, thermodynamic discs, inverted bucket traps, float and thermostatic traps, capsule steam traps, pressure regulating valves, moisture separators, and Y type line strainers. Technical data are provided for each product.

Bestobell Steam Trap

Circle 352


The 2000 Welding Products Catalog offers photos, technical information, accessories, and application information for a complete line of welding equipment and accessories, including stick, MIG, plasma arc, and more. Product specifications, input/output information, and features and benefits are included in the catalog.

Thermal Arc/Thermadyne Industries, Inc.

Circle 353

Thermal management products

New catalog offers a line of thermal management products-air conditioners, heat exchangers, and fans-designed to help control temperature and humidity in sealed enclosures and prolong the life of sensitive industrial controls. The catalog also describes features of the free selection and sizing software which is available on the company’s web site.


Circle 354