NEMA releases connector standard

By Plant Engineering Staff May 3, 2006

NEMA has published ANSI C119.6-2006, American National Standard for Electric Connectors — Non-Sealed, Multiport Connector Systems Rated 600 Volts or Less for Aluminum and Copper Conductors.

This standard covers non-sealed multiport connector systems rated at 600 V for making electrical connections between conductors, and establishes electrical, mechanical and sealing requirements for non-sealed multiport connector systems. NEMA intends for this standard to give reasonable assurance to the user that non-sealed, multiport connector systems meeting the requirements of this standard will perform in a satisfactory manner, provided they have been properly selected for the intended application and are installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendation.

ANSI C119.6-2006 replaces ANSI C119.4, which is primarily for uninsulated single-conductor or tap-type connectors. This is now the utility industry standard for secondary, non-sealed multiport distribution connectors. Since the industry trend is moving toward multiport distribution connectors, this standard covers a large percentage of secondary distribution connectors.

“The multiport connector is one of the fastest growing segments in the utility market,” said Homac Manufacturing Company’s James Zahnen, vice chairman of the Subcommittee on Non-Sealed Multiport Connectors. “ANSI C119.6 gives producers and users a standard to test these connectors, which did not exist until now.”

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