NEMA publishes electric lamps specification

By Plant Engineering Staff October 3, 2006

On behalf of the American National Standard Lighting Group (ANSLG), NEMA has published “ANSI_ANSLG C81.61-2006, American National Standard for Electric Lamp Bases-Specifications for Bases (Caps) for Electric Lamps.” This standard sets forth the specifications for bases used on electric lamps.

The 2006 edition of ANSI_ANSLG C81.61 includes a reference to all IEC base standard sheets adopted as American National Standards (ANS); standard sheets for a small number of bases, used mainly in North America that are not harmonized with IEC; and any U.S. deviations to the IEC standard sheets, which have been adopted as Nationally Acknowledged International Standards that are published in IEC 60061-1. Part IV contains an informative annex on first vs. third angle projection and related standards. Because this standard is under continuous accreditation maintenance, the following are the changes of record affecting the 2006 edition:

1. SX4s/4 Flanged CAPS: ANS Standard Sheets 1-850-1 is superseded with IEC Standard Sheets 7004-97-2. Description: “Submidget flanged base for subminiature lamps.”

2. PGJ19 CAPS for the H8B, H9B and H11B Lamps: Adopted IEC Standard Sheet 7004-146-1.

3. W(X)(Y)3x16q BASE: IEC Standard Sheets 7004-106-3 supersedes IEC Standard Sheet 7004-106-2. Description: “Red Double Filament Lamps Base.”

4. GX8.5 BASE: USA adopted IEC Standard Sheets 7004-143-1.

5. GX10 BASE: USA adopted IEC Standard Sheets 7004-144-1.

This description is provided by the staff of the American National Standard Lighting Group that directs and administers the expert work groups of the Accredited Standards Committee “C81” on Electric Lamps.

ANSI_ANSLG C81.61-2006 may be purchased for $320.00 by visiting or by contacting Global Engineering Documents at (800) 854-7179 (within the U.S.), (303) 397-7956 (international), (303) 397-2740 (fax), or on the Internet at .