NEMA launches electroindustry blog

Among the topics NEMACurrents will focus on are legislation affecting the industry, energy efficiency, anti-counterfeiting and more.
By Staff July 27, 2007

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association has launched NEMACurrents, a blog focusing on the electrical industry. It includes posts from subject matter experts about legislation affecting the industry, energy efficiency, anti-counterfeiting, environmental design, electrical safety, the skilled workforce shortage and more.
“NEMA has always been on the cutting edge, providing both its members and the public with up-to-the-minute information. With this industry-specific blog, we’re taking a new step toward achieving that mission,” said Evan Gaddis, NEMA president and CEO.
“You can count on NEMACurrents to be insightful, informative and entertaining,” Gaddis added. “The issues we address are important—we want to make the world a more environmentally friendly, more energy efficient and safer place to live, and we invite readers to jump in with their opinions about these critical issues.”
Read NEMACurrents at or access it from the NEMA website .