NAM supports “Blue Dog Coalition” guidelines on energy

The National Association of Manufacturers announced this week its support of the Blue Dog Energy Principles, compiled by the coalition made up of conservative and moderate Democrats.

By Staff June 29, 2007

The National Association of Manufacturers this week voiced strong support for the Democratic Blue Dog Coalition’s new comprehensive energy guidelines, calling the principles a welcome “break from the usual rhetoric.”

“Forward-thinking principles like the coalition’s will go a long way toward crafting a functional domestic energy infrastructure,” said NAM president John Engler. “Supporting these principles is the right course of action for our country, and will help lead the nation toward lower energy costs and a more secure energy future.”

The Blue Dog Energy Principles support domestic energy production, diversity, and technology development. Information on the energy principles and the coalition is available at . The principles are consistent with the NAM’s own energy and economic security plan. Click here to read the whole story.