NAED and TED upgrade Websites

By Plant Engineering Staff January 31, 2006

The National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) and The Electrical Distributor (TED) magazine have launched new versions of their Websites: , and . The three sites were completely redesigned using a new content management system to provide a more user-friendly method to access current industry information and resources.

The highlights of the enhanced Web sites include:

NAED ( ):

  • NAED Learning Center — providing interactive, online versions of the Education & Research Foundation’s essential training programs

  • NAED Newsline — weekly newsletter bringing current association news to members and affiliates

  • All Industry Directory — a comprehensive listing of distributor, affiliate and allied partner location information.

    • NAED Technology Informer ( ):

    • Technology Solutions Directory — showcasing TED advertisers, NAED affiliates and allied partners who provide technology solutions

    • New Feature Series — offering available technology opportunities to smaller distributors

    • Technology News & IDEA Updates — weekly technology news and monthly IDEA postings.

      • Supplier Directory — a complete listing of TED advertisers and NAED affiliates and allied partners, with upgrades available to companies wanting to highlight new products and services

      • Sales Insider Newsletter — quarterly featuring new products and content especially designed for distribution sales professionals

        • Print Archive — an all-new, easily accessible online archive of past TED print issues.