Miniature solenoid operated piston pump

The Model ET-17 miniature piston pump is designed for low volume OEM liquid pumping applications.
By Clark Solutions August 16, 2015

Miniature piston pump for low volume OEM liquid pumping applications. Courtesy: Clark SolutionsModel ET-17 Miniature Piston Pumps is designed for low volume original equipment manufacturer (OEM) liquid pumping applications up to 26.5 GPH at pressures up to 29 PSI. Pump applications range from misting and circulation systems, transferring inks and oil lubricants, disinfectant spraying, and dispensing of condensate or water. Model ET-17 Pumps feature coil and piston assemblies that are designed in a compact package size for less wear. Model ET-17 Pumps are self-cooling, self-priming to 10 feet, and do not require suppression valves.

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