MESA’s P2E attendance rises sharply

By Plant Engineering Staff October 12, 2005

A record number of attendees (240, 43% of whom were end-users) congregated for three days to expound on one of the hottest topics in manufacturing today: real-time synchronization of Plant Operations to Enterprise (P2E) Systems. This year’s conference emphasized training, shared experiences and best practices that surround a topic that obviously resonated with manufacturers and vendors, as well as industry analysts. Kevin Roach, MESA’s Chairman and President of Rockwell Software, claims that the converging factors of globalization, systems maturation and customer expectations have stimulated market demand for “real-time” manufacturing information in business and planning systems.

To wrap up Tuesday morning’s agenda, Boston Scientific’s Chairman and CEO, James Tobin described the organizational transformation that helped his company become a market leader in the medical device industry, providing a boardroom view of P2E. Greg Gorbach of ARC Advisory Group said that Tobin

“made a compelling case for using appropriate systems on the plant floor. Faced with regulatory pressures, growth expectations, and a huge, complex manufacturing environment, Tobin described how his plant-floor perspective helped him convert $300M in production efficiencies into R&D funding and propel Boston Scientific to the top of its market.”

Education was a strong theme this year with ISA and World Batch Forum (WBF) chipping in to host heavily attended “hands-on” S95 and B2MML training sessions. Industry analyst firms Aberdeen, AMR, ARC, Industry Directions and IDC Manufacturing Perspectives provided a unique opportunity for many attendees to participate in roundtable discussions focused on key aspects of P2E. Case-studies were presented with either “enterprise-down” or “plant-up” perspectives by a number of international, world-class manufacturers such as Saudi Aramco, Whirlpool and Nestle Purina.

MESA also announced new board members for the 2005-2006 year:

  • Chairman: Karsten Newbury, Siemens Energy and Automation, General Manager, Process Automation Systems and Manufacturing Execution Systems

  • Vice-Chairman: Sudipta Bhattacharya, SAP, Senior Vice President, Manufacturing & PLM Solutions

  • Treasurer: Vivek Bapat, Rockwell Automation, Director, Business Development

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