Maverick Technologies opens Pittsburgh office

Company cites customer demand driven by growing process manufacturing across the region calling for more automation system support close to critical production sites.

April 23, 2015

Maverick Technologies has opened a new office in Pittsburgh, Pa., which is the company’s 15th office, in addition to five other satellite locations. Maverick is headquartered in Columbia, Ill.

The company says this expansion is being driven by continued growth in energy production, along with support for local chemical processing, plus the regional operations of more than 200 national and global customers in the northeast. “The economic drivers that cause process manufacturers to look for help from automation system providers like Maverick are only getting stronger,” says Cliff Morgan, technology leader for western Pennsylvania. “Those companies want to concentrate on their core competencies, and they’re looking to us to deliver design and build capabilities for plant expansions, along with lifecycle support to sustain and improve existing facilities. They also realize the importance of full enterprise integration to ensure visibility into manufacturing operations.”

John Mills, vice president of operations, agrees that the time has come to seize the opportunity. “Maverick has made great strides with its PlantFloor24 remote monitoring capabilities, but that often needs to be supplemented with our engineers and technicians at the customer’s plant, facilities, and sites,” he says. “Since downtime is so expensive, we need people that can be on site in minutes to get gas flowing again in case of an interruption in production. This requires stationing people close to our critical customers.”

The new office will offer local automation engineering capabilities supported by design, field services, and enterprise integration staff.

“It’s exciting to see this kind of growth in U.S. manufacturing and production, and Maverick is right there in the middle supporting these activities on behalf of our clients,” says Paul Galeski, founder and CEO. “Domestic production, particularly in the energy industry and associated chemical facilities, depends on the highest possible levels of efficiency supported by world-class automation. Maverick helps our customers achieve those objectives while working safely and sustaining growth.”

Maverick Technologies

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