Material Handling – 2005-08-01 – 2005-08-01

By Staff August 1, 2005

Soft conveyor chain

FlexLink conveyor chain is gentle on soft products and offers increased efficiency and service life, even in environments where dust and particulates are a problem. The chain features smooth surfaces and link interfaces for improved gentleness and minimum dust generation in product handling. The link interfaces are also designed to minimize dust intrusion to the conveyors.

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Modular rack security

The company offers a new security option for its modular racking systems that provides part-containment when point-of-use racking systems are unmonitored on the plant floor. Features include metal sides and retractable front and rear shutters, creating an enclosed structure for light security. The manually operated rolling shutter with key lock system also enhances security of small part inventory.

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Lifting columns

Telemag TFG lifting columns deliver push or pull force for loads up to 2500N. Used for a wide range of medical, industrial and workplace applications, the rigid aluminum profiles and precision glide pads enable the columns to lift off-center loads without bending. Unique and efficient gear technology contributes to high push force capabilities and reduced noise levels. As a safety feature, the lifting columns are self-locking in push and pull; feature integrated end-limit switches for stroke; and include cut-off switches and a backup nut at the end positions.

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