Material Handling – 2004-11-10

By Staff November 10, 2004

Hoist diagnostics are standard

Demag DR rope hoist for cranes have an infrared interface in pushbutton stations for communicating directly with laptop or handheld computers. Pocket Demag Hoist Analyzer is preloaded with all necessary software to allow users to monitor service and diagnostic information, including technical data about the hoist and maintenance and error warnings. Hoist features include lifting speed of 24 ft/min with 4:1 reeving, and infinitely variable cross travel speeds to 120 ft/min.

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Drum storage easily expands

Ultra-HardTop Plus outdoor drum storage units are available in 8, 12, 16, and 20-drum models. Extender kits expand capacity beyond 20 drums. Polyethylene construction resists chemicals, and internal walls and separate sumps keep materials segregated. Roll-top covers and swing-out doors lock separately. Drums can be accessed from either side. Stores IBC tanks as well as drums. Meets applicable EPA regulations.

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Reach truck increases productivity

Model 7400 Reach-Fork truck combines ac technology with ergonomic features for higher efficiency and productivity. Capacities range from 3200 to 4500 lb in normal reach and deeper reach configurations. Ergonomic features promote true bidirectional travel and multiple working positions. Other features include open-view mast design, A-frame suspension, stability-enhancing idler wheel, and enhanced programmability of truck’s performance.

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Dolly easily tilts drum

Drum Dolly with Tilt Feature makes it easy to withdraw the last 2% to 3% of liquid from the bottom of a 55-gal drum. The foot-operated tilt pedal raises one edge of the drum 3 in. to tilt the drum 10 deg., allowing a drum pump to remove remaining liquid. Capacities available are 900 lb with hard-rubber casters and 1200 lb with steel casters. Residual fluids in drums can cause environmental, storage, disposal, and reuse problems.

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Powered roller offers more torque

RollerDrive HTBL provides a 70% increase in torque compared to other powered conveyor rollers. The 24-V dc brushless motor requires no maintenance and offers 79 in.-lb of torque at speeds from 25 to 250 ft/min. Available roller lengths are 10 to 45 in. in carbon steel, stainless steel, or aluminum, with optional PVC or polyurethane sleeving. Noise emissions are just 45-50 dBA. Controls include speed, torque, acceleration, deceleration, and current limiting.

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Electronic lock improves storeroom security

Stanley Vidmar Electronic Locks, available on most of the company’s cabinet systems, use a four-digit code to lock and unlock the cabinet. Locks can also be remote controlled through an RJ45 data connection on the rear of the cabinet with custom software systems. A mechanical lock override uses keys that can only be duplicated by the manufacturer. An optional monitor alerts if a drawer is open when the cabinet is locked.

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Conveyor belt resists abrasion

Series 1700 Flush Grid Belt incorporates new belt, hinge, and sprocket designs with abrasion-resistant material to last 5-10 times longer than conventional modular plastic belt designs in highly abrasive applications. Multi-rod hinge design significantly reduces cam shafting. Belt widths are available in 1-in. increments with 5-in. minimum. Belt material is black nylon; sprockets are polyurethane.

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Carts offer maximum maneuverability

Quad-Steer carts turn all four wheels, eliminating drifting in turns and allowing longer trains. Lightweight design makes cart easy to tug, hitch, unhitch, and park. Removable, self-locking sides require no fasteners. Carts are available in a range of sizes with a variety of decks, including shelves and roller conveyors.

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Lifting system provides versatility

Ceiling Mounted Easy Arm is an intelligent lifting device integrated with an articulating jib and suspended from a ceiling or overhead platform. Lifting speeds are from 1 to 125 ft/min with a 150-lb load. Primary arm rotates 375 deg, secondary arm pivots 270 deg for 6-ft span model or 315 deg for 8 and 10-ft spans. Lifting mechanism uses a processor-controlled servo-drive system for maximum load-handling accuracy and versatility.

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Barcode printer has wireless control

Wireless FoxJet ProSeries printheads and Marksman NET controllers combine wireless control technology with high-resolution printing of barcodes, text, and graphics directly onto cases. The computer-connected transmitter communicates with each printhead individually eliminating the need for wiring networks. Automatic priming system keeps printhead clean, virtually eliminating routine maintenance.

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