Material Handling – 2003-11-01

By Staff November 1, 2003

Keyless ignition automates checklist

Model 501 LCD programmable keyless ignition is a vehicle management and comprehensive safety system for forklifts and other moving equipment. System prevents untrained operators from starting the vehicle, schedules maintenance by date or hour-meter reading, makes abusive operators accountable for speeding and damage, monitors engine conditions, shuts down vehicle as programmed, and provides code expiration when recurrent training is due.

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AGV guided by laser

Odyssey is a line of laser-guided automated guided vehicles (AGV). Features include laser guidance, onboard Pentium-based PC, point-and-click guide path changes and navigation technology, precise maneuverability, continuous radio frequency (RF) communication, operator diagnostics, dynamic vehicle routing and allocating, and deadlock prevention.

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Lift operates in cramped spaces

Easy Arm is an intelligent lifting device integrated into an articulating jib design. Device combines intelligent lifting technology with the versatility of an articulating jib for safe, ergonomic lifting in work cells with low headroom and major obstructions. Preassembled unit has simple 4-bolt pattern that allows flexible placement without pouring expensive foundations or making costly modifications to equipment.

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Pallet truck blends automatic and manual operation

HyBot is an automated laser-guided pallet truck designed to automate long-distance travel in the plant, while allowing for manual pickup and drop-off of loads. Vehicle features pallet-handling forks, 4000 lb lift capacity, ergonomic manual control arm, and onboard PC for automated travel. Laser guidance technology provides precise, automated travel and minimizes installation time.

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Belt eliminates jams

Series 400 Angled Roller belt is a modular plastic belt that aligns or centers product at approximately 12 deg from the direction of belt travel. Belt eliminates jams, resulting in zero downtime, zero mistracking, and zero maintenance, and makes aligning and centering systems simpler to build, operate, and maintain.

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Light system shows pickers the way

QuickPick is a pick-to-light system that directs picker to the individual cell from which a pick should be made. System features an optical transfer display that is mounted in a shelf liner placed under each tote. When the operator of the horizontal carousel requests a specific SKU, the liner under the tote containing the correct SKU illuminates to indicate the item’s location.

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Software anticipates feed rate

Q.i material transfer control software optimizes batch, blending, and filing control operations. The software combines predictive adaptive control (PAC) technology with a material transfer controller. Program measures the flow rate of material at specific points, builds a mathematical model of the process, and predicts how the delivery system will react when instructed by the control system to complete the material transfer.

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Storage unit resists corrosion

Roll-Top Hardcover storage units provide protected storage of up to four drums with room for pumps and funnels, or one IBC. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the corrosion-resistant roll top keeps containers safe and secure. Lockable doors and roll covers provide access without opening entire unit. Storage units can be transported by forklift with drums or IBC in place, providing mobility without having to unload contents. Built-in sump collects leaks and spills.

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