Material Handling – 2003-06-12

By Staff June 12, 2003

3-wheel ac electric lift truck

The new 7-Series line of 3-wheel electric lift trucks boasts ac power for both drive and lift motors. The result is 45% more power than predecessors and substantial cost savings from improved efficiency and productivity as well as reduced maintenance requirements. Transistorized drive and hydraulic controls are fully programmable from the operator’s digital display keyboard. Three forms of regeneration boost battery life. Active Mast Control feature detects and responds to changes in the operating status of the truck to enhance longitudinal stability and adjust forward and back mast tilt when hauling loads of varying sizes and weights at high-lift heights. Forks automatically level with the press of a button. Capacities are 3000 and 4000 lb. Toyota Material Handling U.S.A. Write 321 on PE card

Leveler with added safety features

The aFX Dockleveler includes airDefense stump out elimination system that also protects against free-fall in the event of premature trailer separation. Trailers with air-ride suspension can lower 3 to 8 in. during loading. Stump out occurs when the dock leveler ramp stops at dock level, but the lip continues to lower with the trailer, creating a potentially unsafe condition and damage to lift trucks. New leveler thus reduces maintenance and operating costs and improves dock safety. A retrofit kit is available for older FX levelers. Kelley Co. Write 322 on PE card

Hydraulic stacker

Battery-powered hydraulic stackers will lift 2000 lb up to 130 in. Stacker can be used while battery is recharging and controls prevent overcharging. High-rigidity mast features double chain lift support and a heavy-duty pump. Standard features include a magnet-backed remote control, floor lock, safety screen, and ergonomic D handle. Westco Industrial Products, Inc. Write 323 on PE card

Screw-driven vertical lift

Screw-driven vertical conveyor features a self-locking drive design that eliminates the risk of freefall due to power outages or drive failure. Carriage sizes range from 3 ft by 3 ft to 6 ft by 6 ft; capacities range from 1000 lb to 6000 lb. Also available are emergency stop buttons, over/under travel limit switches, gates, enclosures, and handrails. Joyce/Dayton Corp. Write 324 on PE card

Trailer stand

Auto Riser trailer stand prevents spotted trailers from tipping due to landing gear collapse. Load capacity is 100,000 lb. Gas-activated leveling system adjusts height from 42 in. to 52.5in. Large base prevents sinking on hot asphalt. Large tires and handle provide easy placement. TMI Inc. Write 325 on PE card

LP fuel gauge

EK-4100 low-fuel warning system indicates when tanks on LP-fueled lift trucks are low on fuel. System operates with a low-pressure switch installed in the liquid fuel line, before the lockout valve, using a brass tee fitting. When pressure drops below 60 psi, a warning light goes on. Options include high-intensity lamps and audible alarm. Energy Kinetics Inc. Write 326 on PE card

Pallet-free storage system

UniversALL Flo slip sheet storage system also accommodates wooden and plastic pallets. System combines a speed-controlled wide roller flow bed with a unique exit zone that activates a lowering mechanism allowing platens of forks easy access under the load. Tracks return to position after extraction, advancing successive loads to the stop position. System can be used for both first-in, first-out (FIFO) and last-in, first-out (LIFO) storage. Creative Storage Systems Write 327 on PE card

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