Material Handling – 2002-11-15

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By Staff November 15, 2002

Blower cools entire trailer

AeroTec air replacement system is permanently mounted by dock door to create a “virtual pipe” of air that circulates the full length of the parked truck trailer creating a cooler, more comfortable environment for forklift drivers and other dock workers. Unit is powered by a 1/4-hp, split-capacitor motor with a thermal cutout to prevent overheating. Unit uses less energy and less space than a fan. Unique design creates an air tunnel rather than the funnel-type current of a fan. DL Manufacturing ; TO VOTE, WRITE 39 ON BALLOT For more information, write 39 on card

Storage system provides maximum capacity

Shuttle XP vertical lift module (VLM) allows users to store materials using 1-in. increments to provide up to 50% more capacity than other VLMs. Units can hold up to 132,000 lb and reach up to 65 ft tall. Inserter/extractor speeds are also as much as 65% faster than similar VLMs. Storage trays can be 24 or 34 in. deep. Users can program height at which trays are presented for most ergonomic working conditions. Remstar International Inc. ; TO VOTE, WRITE 41 ON BALLOT For more information, write 41 on card

Touchscreen controls improve vertical storage operations

FastPic PL-C touchscreen control simplifies operator interface to improve productivity for vertical lift modules (VLM) and vertical carousels. System can be ordered on new equipment or retrofitted to existing systems. Simplified part number entry can reduce operator errors and enhance picking accuracy levels to 99.99%. Inventory tracking option tracks real-time inventory levels, reducing “safety stock” requirements and need to purge old inventory. FastPic Systems ; TO VOTE, WRITE 45 ON BALLOT For more information, write 45 on card

Software tracks inventory in silos

SiloTrack Ver. 2.0 inventory management software works with SiloPatrol smart sensors to provide a graphical interface and client/server capability for inventory management of materials in silos. Program can set up automatic and/or manual measurements and four alarms/relays per silo. It also displays distance, level, volume, weight, percent-full values, and alarm, relay, and sensor status. Various history and alarm data can be sent by e-mail, fax, or pager. Monitor Technologies LLC ; TO VOTE, WRITE 53 ON BALLOT For more information, write 53 on card

Platform raises workers safely

Ergo Lifts can raise workers up to 16.5 in. increase comfort and reduce ergonomic-related injuries. Powered by 80-psi compressed air, lifts have a unique hydro-pneumatic control circuit that locks the platform if air pressure is lost. Platform can be repositioned only when compressed air feed is restored. Floor space required for standard unit is 42 by 50 in. Custom designs are available. Industrial Design & Supply, Inc. TO VOTE, WRITE 77 ON BALLOT For more information, write 77 on card

Manipulators gain added intelligence

G-Force BXi and BX intelligent assist devices bridge the gap between manual and robotic material handling by using machines to do the work while using operators for guidance. Among the units’ features are 150 to 300-lb capacity, speeds to 275 fpm, inertia management system, teachable virtual limits and speed reduction points, instant response to load changes, and external inputs and outputs. Gorbel Inc. ; TO VOTE, WRITE 80 ON BALLOT For more information, write 80 on card

Personnel alarm moves with load

Motion Alert is a brightly colored, loud, flashing beacon that is attached to a moving load, allowing the equipment operator to warn anyone near the load of the potential danger. Equipment operator can trigger the alarm before or during load movement with the touch of a button. Alarm can be tailored to different situations with visual and/or audible modes. Powered by standard batteries, units are easily attached to nearly any load or lifting device. Intuitive Control Systems Inc. ; TO VOTE, WRITE 128 ON BALLOT For more information, write 128 on card

Transporter lifts and rotates

CTR-15 container transporter and rotator combines three functions in one machine. It can be used to transport containers from a staging area to a work cell and back again. While in the work cell, the unit can raise a 1500-lb load up to 35 in. and rotate it with side tilting forks up to 90 deg in either direction. Lift and tilt are controlled independently so containers can be positioned at a comfortable height for any size worker. Tilt function is remote controlled. Southworth Products Corp. ; TO VOTE, WRITE 137 ON BALLOT For more information, write 137 on card

Air-film roll handler moves 4000 lb

Adjustable Rollmaster offers nearly frictionless omnidirectional movement of heavy loads for precise roll alignment in tight spaces. Shop air floats load on cushion of air for easy, safe movement. Unit handles rolls 14 to 60 in. in diameter and 24 to 48 in. long. Air requirement is 82 scfm at 25 psi. Lift level and controls are handle mounted. Powered fork adjustment is an option. AeroGo, Inc. ; TO VOTE, WRITE 188 ON BALLOT For more information, write 188 on card