Material Handling

By Staff February 15, 2003

Telescopic forklift

Teletruk is essentially a 6000-lb capacity industrial pneumatic tire forklift that incorporates telescopic boom technology instead of a vertical mast design, providing a reach capability up to 3500 lb. Quick-disconnect auxiliary hydraulics allow easy switching to a variety of attachments. Unit is diesel or LPG powered with a fully hydrostatic drive and torque converter response. Sellick Equipment Ltd. Write 320 on PE card

Bulk conveyor vacuum pump

Reversible, anticlogging, air-powered material transfer pump reverses at the touch of a button to clear clogs in bulk material conveying systems. Reversing action can also be used to change direction of material flow. Control is by manual pushbuttons or remote connection. Flow rates are 0 to 375 scfm, ID from 1/8 in. to 4 in., and vacuum from 0 to 10-in. Hg. Vaccon Co. Write 321 on PE card