Maintenance Tools and Equipment

By Staff November 1, 2003

Tool offers 3-in-1 solution

smartSCANNER is a joystick-operated combination tool for corrective and predictive maintenance tasks. It provides vibration analysis, alignment, and balancing capabilities. The shaft/coupling alignment and rotor balancing systems address two frequent causes of rotating machinery damage or failure, and the vibration module permits collection and trending of vibration data to observe the development of machinery problems, allowing maintenance to take action before damage occurs.

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Analyzer has expanded memory

Model 2130 RBMconsultant PRO data collector/analyzer features the functionality and ease of use of a large color display along with 32 MB of data storage, dual-channel capability, and an intuitive interface. Additional highlights include low-noise circuitry, accurate measurement of variable-speed machinery, infield alarming, and advanced diagnostics. Unit can show four different 400-line spectra with no loss of data.

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Monitor features sensitive detection

Charge-Mode Accelerometer Monitor (CMAM) uses an advanced design for sensitive detection of changes in the vibration spectrum of key equipment and processes, even in harsh, limited-access locations. Monitor is available in multi-input versions to allow timesharing for up to five inputs and utilizes an accelerometer with a temperature operating range up to 500 F. Warnings and alarms can be fed to local alarms, a standalone computer station, or a SCADA system.

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Welding power source works outdoors

Invertec V275-S power source is ideal for the rigors of the construction site and meets IP23S ratings. The Stick and TIG power source is designed for outdoor use. Up to 275 amp of output provides access to a great number of stick electrodes and outstanding 6010 performance. Standard features such as selectable hot start and adjustable arc force offer a high level of arc control. Use of electrodes to 7/32 in. enables both whip and drag techniques.

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Scissor lift extends to new heights

Pro-Fit 2630ES scissor lift is a 30-in.-wide, 26-ft platform-height machine with an electric drive system that uses two independent electric motors for the drive wheels. The new drive system provides long duty cycles and low noise levels by eliminating power loss associated with pumps, hoses, and hydraulic motors. A newly designed hydraulic system combines the hydraulic lift pump, reservoir, and motor with the lift cylinder into a single assembly.

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Lifter helps remove grates

Ultra-Grate lifter assists in lifting, removing, and replacing grates from storm drains and catch basins. The heavy-duty unit is ergonomically designed for simple, single-person operation, it disassembles, and comes with a carrying case for convenient storage and transport. A telescoping handle and single pivot point allow for easier lifting, eliminating the need for crowbars, lifting hooks, and other cumbersome tools.

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Tape measure lasts longer

Pro Series tape measures are designed to reduce replacement costs with durable end hooks and long-lasting 1-in. blades. Series includes 12, 16, 25, 30, and 35-ft models as well as comparable metric lengths. End-hook life is enhanced by rivet placement and reinforcement. Other features include nonslip locking button, belt hook, rubber overmold, and a compact, comfortable grip.

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Combihammer protects operators

TE 56-ATC combihammer with active torque control provides added operator protection by constantly monitoring the rotation of the tool and disengaging the drive system if it senses the housing beginning to rotate too quickly. Ideal for drilling anchor holes and through holes during equipment repositioning, the tool is capable of drilling up to 39/16-in. diameter holes in concrete and can tackle virtually any medium chiseling application.

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Lubrication routing goes portable

Lube-It Handheld Routes program allows standard Pocket PC computers to deliver simplicity, consistency, and accuracy directly to the job of lubrication. Handheld computer displays lubrication requirements in detail and provides one-touch tracking of completed tasks. Visual cues are present, with past-due tasks marked in red and critical equipment highlighted in yellow. Scheduling technology eliminates backtracking and wasted effort by providing flexibility in organizing lubrication tasks into manpower efficient routes.

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Laser beam helps pinpoint correct placement

PipeAlign is an equipment alignment system that uses a laser beam for visual reference to and from equipment, pipes, ductwork, and conduit flanges by projecting the laser beam from the center of the object. Four fixture sizes accommodate cylinders from 15/16 to 20 in. in diameter. Beam is accurate to 0.375 in. at 20 ft. Advantages include: one-person operation, reduction in fabrication time, improved pipe fit-up, and dot, vertical line, horizontal line, or crosshair visual reference.

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Torque wrench is light

Avanti Series hydraulic torque wrenches are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and ergonomically designed. Tool placement is improved to 360 deg around the nut. Reaction arms won’t pull off during operation. Coaxial reaction/drive system eliminates most tool failures resulting from internal torque between reaction arm and drive. Anti-backlash design and a 300,000 psi alloy mechanism are other benefits.

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System checks equipment condition

SoundCTRL is a handheld equipment analysis system that provides maintenance personnel with the capability to monitor and evaluate the condition of critical mechanical equipment, limiting unplanned downtime and lost production. System includes a fully functional handheld PC and software for both handheld and desktop PCs. It connects directly to the CTRL UL101 ultrasonic sensor for an easy, one-step inspection-collection process.

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Online monitor sets vibration limits

A3600 online vibration monitoring system measures RMS values and up to 64 vibration channels, sets vibration limits to act as relays if limits are exceeded, and includes overload and sensor or cable error indication. System is designed for process control and reliability systems, machinery protection systems, and for all applications concerning the maintenance and monitoring of machinery condition.

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Boom is self-leveling

TZ-34/20 is a trailer-mounted articulating boom that emphasizes ease of use beginning with its key feature, the automatic leveling system. Standard self-leveling provides 11 deg of leveling capability from the ground controls and allows the machine to be set up in less than 40 sec when the operator deploys all four outriggers simultaneously. Maximum working height is 40 ft with outreach of 20 ft and 500-lb capacity. The lightweight lift is easy to tow behind any vehicle with a 2-in. ball and class 2 hitch.

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Tape measure provides easily read numbers

Double-sided power-return tape measures have easy-to-read numbers on both sides of the blade that allow for easy measurement on elevated and flat surfaces. Additional features include an eye-catching blue case for easy locating in work areas and tool bags, a triple-riveted end hook with bottom blade protector that reinforces the blade tip and provides maximum pull-out strength, an impact-absorbing rubber jacket that protects the case, and a durable steel belt clip.

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Wrench reduces slipping

WrightGrip open-end and combination wrenches employ an innovative, high-strength, antislip design that delivers more torque to fasteners than other designs. The new design incorporates a series of strategically placed teeth or grooves on the insides of the wrench’s two jaws. These teeth allow for a better seating of the wrench on a fastener. One fastener corner locks into the groove so the fastener won’t slip or twist out of the wrench under load. Other design features strengthen jaws to reduce stresses.

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Tool crimps copper tubing in seconds

320-E crimp tool features a lightweight, compact design, and built-in advanced diagnostics. The tool runs on a 14.4-V nickel-metal hydride battery and uses the interchangeable jaws of the manufacturer’s other crimping tools, including nine interchangeable jaws for crimping

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Inverter produces superior arc performance

Maxstar 150 DC Stick/TIG inverter is an arc welding machine that weighs only 13.7 lb for field portability. Features include: 5 to 150-A output with best-of-class arc performance, automatic compensation for 115 through 230-V single-phase power, ability to overcome variable and dirty power, and availability in three models for different welding needs. All models have stick output of 150 A at 30% duty cycle using 230 Vac power.

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