Maintenance Tips & Tricks – 2000 – #9

By Plant Engineering Staff August 1, 2000

Leveling answerProblem: New machinery must be leveled. This action typically requires two levels positioned on the “x” and “y” axes. Since a level is a precise measuring tool, subjecting it to a machine shock load could cause damage. Many times, the two levels must be removed and reset after each subsequent change in position and resulting measurement. Can these recalibration steps be eliminated to speed up the leveling process?

Solution: Perform a “rough” balance before using the two levels for final adjustments. Take an empty plastic soft drink container and fill it with water to a “mark” placed on the circumference. Put the container in the center of the machine to be balanced. As adjustments are made and the machine becomes level, the water will be equal around the mark on the container. Final precise leveling is then quickly performed.

Contributor: Kent E. Koederitz, Plant Engineer, Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc., Johnson City, TN; 423-461-2219; Kent.Koederitz@

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