Maintenance Tips & Tricks – 2000 – #2

By Plant Engineering Staff August 1, 2000

Cutting conduit
Problem: How can you make a neat, straight cut through metallic flexible conduit without getting ragged edges or ruining it during the process?

Solution: Cut a piece of 2 3 4 about 8-in long and put a slot down the middle a little larger than the conduit you are going to work on. Screw a piece of 1/4-in. plywood over the slot the entire length. Put a sawcut down the middle of the 2 3 4, making sure not to go through the plywood. Use a C-clamp to attach the board to a workbench or other flat surface.

Mark the flexible conduit and push it through the slot until the line is visible in the opening. Use a hacksaw and cut the conduit through the sawcut, making sure to stop at the plywood. Pull out the pieces and you have a nice straight end without damage.

Contributor: John Damasiewicz, Ford Motor Co., Avon Lake, OH; 440-988-3102

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