Maintenance Tips & Tricks – 1999 – #7

By Plant Engineering Staff September 1, 1999

Avoid bent lids

Problem : After repeatedly opening and closing a can that has a pry-off lid (such as plumber’s putty or wood putty), the lid becomes dented and deformed and allows air to dry out the contents.

Solution : After use, don’t hammer the lid shut. Press the lid onto the can by hand, and then turn the can upside down and hit a flat surface such as a workbench, floor, or lumber. The lid is evenly sealed with one hit. (Ed. note — A variation is the method used by painters: Place the can on the floor and press down on the lid with the sole of one shoe for an even seal.)

Contributor: Chet White, Liebert Corp., Columbus, OH; 614-841-8142

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