Maintenance survey to look at ISO55000 standard

Asset management, implementation priorities for manufacturing will be part of study questions
March 24, 2014

With the release of the ISO55000 series of standards shining a spotlight on asset management, a new research study has been created to reveal insights into current and future asset management practices, investment priorities and implementation challenges in the manufacturing sector. Participants are asked to complete industry demographics to put this data in a useful context.

Information will be aggregated to reveal insights and trends however no individual information or organizations will be identified in the resulting reports.

Participants may also choose to identify themselves in order to receive a free copy of the summary report that will be issued. No contact data will be provided to third parties.

The study is sponsored by the Association for Maintenance Professionals, and Uptime Magazine. Participation is estimated at 5-10 minutes total time.

The survey can be found here.