By Staff May 1, 2005

Ergonomics posters

Humantech, Inc. has introduced nine new ergonomics posters. These full-color posters provide straightforward and accurate visual reminders of issues and solutions for improving workplace ergonomics. They are ideal for reinforcing an organization’s ergonomics activities or promoting enthusiasm for an upcoming initiative. The posters are available in two series, the Awareness poster line and the Art poster line.

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Cleaning powder

General Purpose Powder is a high-performance, heavy-duty, ultrasonic cleaning powder. Two pounds of concentrate powder will make up to 75 gallons of cleaning solution. Each scoop generates up to one gallon of general purpose cleaning solution (scoop provided). It is easy to handle and easy to store, mild to operator hands, and biodegradable-no acid, caustic, or fuming problems. When diluted in a tank it can be poured down the drain. Applications include removal of general oils, fingerprints, dust, packaging particulates, light oils, and greases from components and products found in machine and metalworking shops.

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Bird repeller

BroadBand PRO targets pest birds with an unrelenting combination of four different sound types: distress cries, predator cries, general harassments, and ultrasonic waves. Its development is based on 40 years of success with sonic repellers that featured one of the four types. This is the first machine to combine them all. This technology eliminates the need to use multiple machines while providing sound variety. BroadBand PRO sound waves move from speaker to speaker for a constant, menacing defense. This powerful sound attack forces birds to leave for good, yet it’s harmless to the birds and the environment. “Surround sound” directional speakers are separate from the control box to offer greatest all-around flexibility.

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