Maintenance Products – 2004-11-10

By Staff November 10, 2004

Handy wiper contains lubricant

Wipe-On Lubricant is a non-woven, 8-in. x 11-in., presaturated wipe that is easy to carry and store. The lubricant is a greaseless film that provides lubrication and short-term corrosion protection. It resists oil and dirt buildup and displaces moisture, making it ideal for protecting precision mechanisms. These convenient wipes are excellent replacements for shop rags and useful in emergency situations.

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Multicraft test checks aptitude

Mechanical & Electrical Aptitude Test is the answer for companies selecting multicraft apprentices or trainees. The test consists of 36 multiple-choice questions relating to mechanical and electrical aptitude in a variety of areas including: electrical concepts, process flow, signal flow, electrical schematics, electrical sequences, workplace settings, physics, and hand and power tools.

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Training helps organize storerooms

Maintenance Storerooms CD is a computer-based training program on how to design, operate, and maintain a storeroom for best use of space, control of inventory, and ease of use. The CD has a full narrated text and is enhanced with animations and interactive exercises. A reorder point calculator assists in determining the optimal reorder point for any part in the storeroom based on historic data for use and delivery times.

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Gel thread locker is easy to use

Threadlocker Gel, with the Gel Twist pinpoint applicator, is made from a patent-pending formula that is just as reliable and much easier to use than conventional liquid and solid stick threadlocking methods. The gel eliminates messy cleanups costly waste, while the applicator puts the gel precisely where it is needed and gets into the most hard-to-reach and vertical locations.

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Collector diverts ceiling leaks

PIG Above-the-Ceiling leak diverter is designed to be placed above a drop ceiling although it can be hung if needed. It captures and diverts leaks and drips before they saturate and damage acoustical tile. The unit can be assembled in less than 5 min. Captured leaks drain through a

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Enamel needs no primer

Iron Guard direct-to-metal acrylic enamel is VOC compliant to 150 gm/l. It saves money at every turn, from its initial price to the elimination of expensive primers, thinners, and cleanup solvents. With its 150-VOC compliance rating, the paint meets standards proposed through at least 2005. The proprietary latex formulation provides industrial durability.

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Coating is unaffected by dampness

Dura-Plate MT Moisture Tolerant Epoxy is a low-VOC, two-component, bisphenol A epoxy amine coating designed especially for application directly to damp or dry metal surfaces. The low-odor coating can be applied without regard to dew point, providing performance comparable to MIL-P-23236C, Type VII, Class 15b and 17. It may be used in immersion service with a wide range of chemicals.

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