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By Staff November 15, 2002

Asset maintenance management

Asset Maintenance Management System represents the latest evolution in the traditional facility management approach and focuses on maintenance services and reliability. The services concentrate on achieving long-term maintenance cost reductions, based on applying innovative maintenance strategies and a total cost approach. For more information, contact George Heidelmann at Structural Group at 816-231-7400, or visit .

Predictive maintenance techniques online

Free online PdM training courses are available 24 hr per day upon demand at R/CM1 Online Reliability & Condition Monitoring Training Conferences. Select the desired training, fill out a quick registration form, and watch as the program starts automatically. An expert instructor narrates each lesson and can be reached via email for followup questions. Training sessions can be resumed at a later time without starting over, or users can begin again. For more information, visit .

Surface cleaner

The Cyclone flat surface cleaner makes light work of cleaning dirty shop floors or any other flat surface and attaches to most hot and cold-water pressure washers. Its 20-in. cleaning width helps relieve virtually any flat surface of dirt, grease, and grime. Hotsy Corporation Write 320 on PE card


A complete range of magnifiers with powers from 6x to 20x is constructed with high-quality, achromatic color-corrected lenses that provide clean, sharp, and distortion-free viewing. Single and double-lens magnifiers are available. GEI International, Inc. Write 321 on PE card


Press-loc tri knobs are easily assembled by pressing the steel nut or screw into the plastic tri-knob. Hex press-loc thumb screw knobs in round and wing head styles are also offered. Micro Plastics, Inc. Write 322 on PE card

Oil skimmers

A catalog describes oil skimmers and coolant maintenance equipment for the industrial and wastewater markets. Systems and components for maintaining fluids at peak operating levels are covered. Zebra Skimmers Corporation Write 323 on PE card