M/LWD service

Quasar Pulse service is capable of operating in harsh environments up to 200 C and 25,000 psi.

By Halliburton March 18, 2015

Quasar Pulse M/LWD service delivers directional, gamma ray, PWD and vibration data for precise wellbore placement in high temperature and pressure zones. The service allows access to reserves that conventional tools cannot reach and can eliminate the need for mud chillers. Quasar Pulse Service includes 4-3/4 and 6-3/4 in. size tools, allowing it to perform in wellbores up to 9-7/8 in. in diameter. With temperatures reaching as high as 200 C, the well was completed successfully with a total depth of 22,595 ft. and a total vertical section of 10,072 ft.



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