By Staff December 15, 2002

Lube maintenance

Predictive lube maintenance program includes on-site oil analysis, data tracking, and recommendations. Advantages of this program include: reduced unscheduled downtime, increased production, lower repair costs, optimized maintenance planning capability, reduced energy consumption, and improved product quality. D.A. Stuart Co. Write 304 on PE card

Lab service upgraded

The DuPont Krytox Technical Service Lab has been upgraded to develop customized lubricants for maintenance managers and plant engineers in a variety of industries. Krytox oils and greases are nonflammable, chemically inert, nontoxic, rust and corrosion-resistant, clean, environmentally safe, and compatible with all elastomers, metals, and plastics. DuPont Chemical Solutions Enterprise 302-892-8121 Write 305 on PE card

Oil analysis dates lubes

An integrated oil analysis program featuring a proprietary chemical aging marker pinpoints when to change plant lubricants. The oil analysis service is offered as part of the Molykote Lubrication Management Program. Dow Corning Corp. Write 306 on PE card

See and measure flow

Sight-Rite flow indicator couples the reliability and precision of an electric indicator with simplicity of a flow sight glass. It permits checking fluid flow at a glance via a green LED light. The unit may be used for any lubrication or process line that carries a pulse of fluid less than 0.012 cubic inches. Oil-Rite Corp. Write 307 on PE card

Turbine oil has many uses

Hydroclear Turbine Oil Plus is a premium rust and oxidation inhibiting oil. The lubricant can be used in pumps, motors, compressors, and gearboxes. This expanded application range helps plant operators decrease lubricant inventory and reduce the chance for mistakes. Conoco, Inc. Write 308 on PE card

Adjustable lube system

ExactoServe is a centralized lubrication system that utilizes positive displacement and volumetric output injectors to deliver precise amounts of oil or grease to machine friction points. Four basic injector models cover a broad discharge range. A built-in indicator pin allows monitoring output. Farval Lubricating Systems Write 309 on PE card

Spray can recycles easily

Sprayon Liqui-Sol lubricants feature durable, reuseable spray triggers, eliminating the need for pressurized propellants, so every can is filled 100% with product. Since propellants are not used, safety concerns regarding storage, application, and disposal of cans are greatly reduced. Diversified Brands Div. The Sherwin-Williams Co. Write 310 on PE card

Valve gives oil samples

KP Pushbutton valve samples pressurized fluid systems up to 750 psi. The barbed output spout rotates 360 deg and accepts PVC tubing. The main seal has been tested for 1,000,000 cycles at 7800 psi. A unique safety locknut prevents accidental activation. The sleek, compact design with no exposed springs is available in a range of thread sizes and seals. Checkfluid, Inc. Write 311 on PE card

Anti-seize lube is metal-free

550 industrial-grade, anti-seize compound has a -56 F to 2400 F temperature range. The formula is free of sulfur, lead, copper, and other environmentally undesirable metals. It is nonsetting, prevents rust, and is especially well suited for environments and processes where moisture is present. The molybdenum disulfide content provides a low coefficient of friction. Jet Lube Write 312 on PE card

Synthetic oil is stable

ViperLube synthetic lubricants are composed of PAO (polyalphaolefin) base stocks specifically formulated to provide superior protection in grueling environments. The products outperform and outlast petroleum-based lubricants by offering exceptional mechanical and thermal stability, high load-carrying capability, and excellent resistance to rust, corrosion, and water. Loctite Corp. Write 313 on PE card

Heavy-duty grease

A full-color flyer describes the Castrol Molub-Alloy 6040 family of heavy-duty calcium sulfonate greases for demanding applications. These greases are formulated with premium petroleum-based oils using a unique calcium-complex sulfonate thickener. The extreme pressure properties are suitable for applications with frequent startups, slow speeds, and high loads. Industrial Americas Write 314 on PE card

Oxygen-compatible lubes

A 20-p brochure is designed to be a source of comprehensive information on the chemical composition, physical properties, material compatibility, and quality assurance for the complete line of Halocarbon oils, greases, and waxes. It includes a table for easily determining the appropriate grade of oil to use and a chart to blend grades to obtain an oil with viscosity between regular grades. Halocarbon Products Corp. Write 315 on PE card